Radiohead have finally softened their stance on iTunes, with the band's entire music catalogue now available for sale through Apple's music service.

The band has been one of the last major hold-outs from making music available through the digital media service, arguing that Apple's insistence on selling albums on a track-by-track basis serves to undermine the band's album sales.

Radiohead's hugely successful In Rainbows album was the first to make it to Apple's service, turning up on iTunes Store servers in January, following the band's acclaimed 'pay what you like' October release of the album.

The band first released its music catalogue online exclusively through 7 Digital's music service in October last year. The music wasn't available to cherry-pick on a track-by-track basis, but only sold as entire albums through that competing UK-based music service.

"iTunes insists that all its albums are sold unbundled, but 7digital doesn't. Radiohead prefer to have their albums sold complete. The artist has a choice, and if they feel strongly then we respect that," EMI then explained.

Things have changed. Radiohead's entire catalogue is now available to purchase through iTunes, with album prices set at £7.99. Many of the tracks, albums, singles and EP's are being made available in the DRM-free iTunes Plus format. These include: In Rainbows, The Best of Radiohead, OK Computer, Amnesiac, I Might Be Wrong (Live), There There (EP), and Go to Sleep (EP, parts one and two). The rest of the Radiohead catalogue, including The Bends and Pablo Honey are available in non-iTunes Plus formats.

And tracks are available on an individual basis.