Salling Software has updated its application for syncing media from iTunes to mobile devices.

The new version of Salling Media Sync supports the Palm Pre smartphone, despite Wednesday's Apple iTunes 8.2.1 update disabling the phones ability to sync with iTunes.

"I admit the timing of this release is no coincidence," said Salling Software president Jonas Salling in a press release.

"We're betting there are a lot of Palm Pre owners who feel burned by the new iTunes, 8.2.1 update. But they can keep syncing with iTunes using Salling Media Sync! It's totally free for basic use, with no track limit, no playlist limit, and no expiration - ever. And it syncs photos, too."

Salling Media Sync 1.1 is available now and while free for "basic use," customers can buy a user license for $22/€15/£13 which promises a much faster sync.

On the Mac, Salling Media Sync is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.11 or better, iTunes 7.6.x - 8.2.1 - for music and podcasts - and iPhoto '08 - '09 or Aperture 2.x for photos.

Salling Media Sync for Windows is compatible with Windows XP SP2 - with Windows Media Player 11 or better, iTunes 7.6.x - 8.2.1 for music and podcasts, and Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3.2 or Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.x - 7.x for photos.

The new version of Salling Media Sync also brings compatibility with Blackberry Bold and Storm, as well as support for several new devices from other manufacturers.

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