When will the iPad Pro 2 come out in the UK? (Or whatever they call the next version of the iPad Pro.) And what new features will be added to the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch versions of the iPad Pro 2?

The iPad Pro 2 could launch soon. Apple made a splash last September when it unveiled its first 10-inch-plus tablet: a device known at the time only as the iPad Pro with a blockbuster 12.9-inch screen, quad speakers and a super-quick processor chip. The following March a smaller and better version of the iPad Pro came out, creating mild naming complications (we now call them the iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 9.7 respectively) and causing a certain degree of regret in the hearts of early adopters.

But we are now looking ahead to the future of the iPad Pro line. When will Apple launch the iPad Pro 2, and what new features and design changes will this product incorporate? Will there be separate 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch editions of the iPad Pro 2 - will there even be a 7.9-inch model, a sort of 'iPad Pro mini'?

Our iPad Pro 2 release date & new features rumour roundup article weighs up all the clues and evidence about the new iPad Pro models, as well as our wishlist of new features that are missing from the current generation of iPad Pro hardware. Check back regularly for the latest iPad Pro 2 rumours.

Updated on 19 October with general upadtes.

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iPad Pro 2 release date rumours

iPad Pro 2 rumours: iPad Pro 2 release date

The iPad Pro 2 wasn't teased or even announced at WWDC 2016, which is what we expected given the previous announcements and release dates of the iPad Pro line.

When will the next iPad Pro come out in the UK? 

Update 19 October: As expected from Apple's September event, there was no mention of the iPad line, suggesting to us that the iPad Pro 2 will come out in March 2017. There is also a rumoured Apple event taking place on 27 October 2016, but we expect a new MacBook Pro (among other Macs) to be announced.

As with the two strands of iPhone models - the larger 6s and 6s Plus, last updated in September, and the smaller SE, updated in March - there are two schools of thought here. Either Apple will unify the two Pro brands into a single annual update event, or it will continue to update half the models in spring 2017 and the other half in autumn 2017.

Both theories have down sides. If Apple does a full refresh (9.7-in and 12.9-inch together) in March 2017, then the current hardware will be starting to feel old before then - the original Pro will be 18 months old, which is a long time to be the most expensive tablet on Apple's books. It the company does a full refresh in September then it will again upset a bunch of people who just bought new devices. Three major iPad updates in the space of 12 months might just be taking the mickey.

(This might seem irrational - the launch of a new product doesn't make the product you already own any worse - but there's still something annoying about paying top dollar for a flagship product and then seeing something much better come out a short while later. We are only human, and if you pay for the best product then it would be nice to have the best product, at least from that manufacturer, for a year.)

There's also something a bit messy, a bit un-Apple, about having two press event to announce what would essentially amount to two SKUs of the same product line. I think the company will want to keep things simple.

A final thought, however, is that people don't update their iPads as often as their iPhones: only 6 percent of the respondents to our poll said they get a new iPad every year.

It's therefore debatable whether Apple actually needs to bring out new iPads this often. It could probably switch to a biennial release schedule without causing much of a problem.

iPad Pro 2 rumours: New 10.5-inch iPad Pro

The latest rumour suggests that Apple won't update its iPad Pro line-up again in 2016, but will make up for this in 2017 by launching a new size.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a market analyst with a strong track record, has published a report making predictions about Apple's moves over the next couple of years. Kuo is cautious in his iPad sales predictions - cutting a previous estimate of 45 to 50 million for the year to 35 to 40 million, partly because of a lack of new products in the near term: despite a comparatively strong performance in Q3 2016, iPad sales remain flat - but argues that Apple will sell three sizes of iPad Pro. There will be a 12.9-inch Pro, a 9.7-inch Pro and a new 10.5-inch Pro, Kuo predicts, with the smallest offered as a low-cost option with a lower-powered processor as well as a smaller screen.

Kuo's reasoning is that an 'inbetweener' 10.5-inch iPad Pro would sell well to the education and business sectors:

"If the iPad comes in a larger size, such as a 10.5-inch model, we believe it will be helpful to bid for tenders within the commercial and education markets. As a result, we expect Apple to launch a 10.5-inch iPad Pro in 2017."

These three iPad sizes don't include the 7.9-inch form factor of the iPad mini. Apple could continue to sell the mini alongside the three iPad Pros, but the success of the iPhone 6 Plus and the upcoming launch of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple may feel that this area is covered by its phablet offerings. But we'll discuss the prospects of an 'iPad Pro mini' in the next section.

iPad Pro 2 rumours: Will there be an iPad Pro mini?

Following the launch of the 9.7-inch Pro it's now firmly established that the Pro brand doesn't just refer to Apple's biggest tablets - instead, it refers to a set of specs and features and, in a way that's hard to define, any tablet that sits at the top of Apple's range. If we accept that a 9.7-inch tablet can be an iPad Pro, could we get a 7.9-inch Pro as well?

The highly respected securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks so. In a recent report, Kuo predicted that there would be no more iPad updates in 2016, but that multiple new iPads would be launched in 2017. These will include a new inbetweener 10.5-inch iPad Pro, he reckons (as we discuss in the section above); and also a 7.9-inch iPad Pro, displacing the iPad mini line. We could end up in a situation where every current iPad is branded as an iPad Pro, which would be a bit strange.

The truth is that there's no concrete reason why there can't be a 7.9-inch iPad Pro 2, but for various reasons we still don't expect Apple to do this. For one thing, unlike the Air line-up, the minis are still being updated; the mini 4 came out at the same event as the first iPad Pro, which suggests that Apple plans to keep both brands going at the same time. And besides, the Pro brand has always existed in opposition to a lower-end alternative: the MacBook Pro sits opposite the MacBook Air (and plain MacBook); the Mac Pro opposite the iMac; and so on. Apple can't just call every tablet a Pro.

We're starting to suspect that the Air brand may be phased out across Apple's laptop and tablet departments, but there still needs to be two lines left in each of these areas. Apple still sell a MacBook Pro and a 12-inch MacBook, we expect; in the same way, we'd expect there to be iPad Pro models and iPad mini models.

To read more about the iPad mini 5 - or the iPad Pro mini, if we're wrong about this - then take a look at our iPad mini 5 rumour roundup.

iPad Pro 2 release date & new features rumours

iPad Pro 2 rumours: Leaked photos

AppleInsider has published two photos, ostensibly showing the iPad Pro 2, that were sent in to the site by an anonymous reader.

The images, like most Apple hardware leaks, are said to originate from the Asian supply chain; in this case it's said to be an employee at a Chinese supplier who has taken and leaked the photos.

iPad Pro release date rumours: Leaked photos

Both photos show the same onscreen imagery - the General > About tab of the Settings app, chosen presumably because it includes model number designations and other details that can corroborate the photo's legitimacy. (But, as AppleInsider observes, such details are not difficult to spoof, so the photos may yet be fake.)

The About page says the depicted iPad is model MH1C2CD/F: that certainly sounds right, since that designation hasn't been given to any publicly known iPads, while broadly following the conventions of earlier Pro models. (The 128GB cellular 12.9-inch iPad Pro, for instance, is designated ML3K2B/A. By contrast, the iPad Air 2 uses a slightly different format: the 128GB cellular model is MH332B/A.) 

Although, we should note that spoofing the model number can be changed relatively easily. More so, the model shows only 12GB of available storage - this can however be a test version, where 12GB of internal storage is more than sufficient.

As one would expect, the depicted iPad is running a version of iOS 10 - you can tell because Siri gets its own top-level tab in the Settings app rather than a sub-category within General.

Unfortunately - or conveniently, if you're cynical - it's virtually impossible to deduce anything else about the device from the shots, which don't show hardware ports or buttons, and have nothing else in frame with which to compare size of screen and so on. About all this tells us is that a new iPad Pro is probably on its way in the next few months. 

Once we know more information or sent more details on the screenshots we will update this article.

iPad Pro 2 rumours: New features wishlist

The iPad Pro tablets are great, but they're not perfect. Here are a few new features and design tweaks we'd like to see in the second-gen iPad Pro.

Carry the advances of the 9.7in Pro across to the 12.9in model

An issue we've addressed several times across this article concerns the disappointment felt by a number of 12.9-inch iPad Pro owners when the cheaper and in many respects better 9.7-inch iPad Pro was launched six months later. So the first thing we'd ask for is consistency. To achieve this the larger Pro model needs to get:

  • A 12-megapixel rear-facing camera (up from 8Mp)
  • A 5Mp front-facing camera (up from 1.2Mp)
  • 4K video recording
  • Live Photos
  • Display with True Tone and 'wide colour'
  • A 32GB cellular buying option
  • A pink colour option

Better keyboard accessory (for 9.7-inch model)

The Pros are explicitly aimed at business users, and for this reason it was critical to get some good keyboard accessories.

Apple's own Smart Keyboard is a strong offering in the larger size - even though it's expensive, and Macworld is divided on the issue of whether Logitech's less attractive Create keyboard offers a better typing experience - but the 9.7-inch version is a different matter. As a result of the smaller keys typing accuracy is weaker; the lower weight means it feels less satisfying under the fingers. (The design looks great, however, and is magnificently slim and light from a portability point of view. And the Smart Connector - and the fact that you never have to worry about battery life - is wonderful too.)

We feel that Apple needs to create - or persuade a third-party accessory maker to create - a 9.7-inch keyboard you can really type on. And this may involve some compromises. It may need to have a foldout design (sounds ugly, right?) so that it could fit in larger keys. It might need to be heavier (thereby reducing portability) in order to feel better and reduce movement on the desk. But whatever happens, the smaller Pro needs an updated accessory line-up in order to compete as a business tool.

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iPad Pro 2 release date rumours: Keyboard

More Home screen icons

This is a software change rather than a hardware one, but it's frustrating that Apple doesn't allow you to fit more app icons on the screen of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. At present you're allowed 20 app icons (or folders), plus up to six in the Dock, and this is exactly the same that you're allowed on the 9.7-inch iPads, which feels like a waste of the extra space.

By default, the icons are the same size, so there's far more empty space on the screen. You can select a zoom view, with larger icons, but we'd prefer the option to have a grid of 5x6 icons, plus a seventh icon in the Dock.

iOS 10

We expect the new iPad Pro 2, to ship with iOS 10 pre-installed. The new mobile operating system is already out for a vast majority of Apple devices. It brings over 100 new and updated features, which add new functionalities to iDevices running on it. Although, there are no special iPad-only features that have yet been announced or discovered on iOS 10 - so we hope Apple will address this during their March 2017 presentation.


Update 5 October: We expect the iPad Pro 2 to be shipped with the A10X, designed off the A10 Fusion processor found on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

There are rumours to suggest that the processor to be included within the iPad Pro 2 will be the A10X, an upgraded A9X built on a smaller FinFET technology. If this is to be the case, the rumours would suggest that a 2016 release is increasingly unlikely.

This would point towards a potential release date of spring 2017, with a new 10nm processor included within the iPad Pro 2.

Might we also see 4K (3840x2160) recording abilities? Some rumours suggest that the feature will be integrated within the OS, as the likes of the Nvidia and AMD mobile-generation graphics cards might make an appearance within the iPad Pro 2. 

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