When is the iPad Pro coming out in the UK? What about the iPad Pro's new features, price, tech specs and onsale launch date?

Update, 9 September: At its 9 September iPhone 6s launch event tonight, Apple pulled a gentle surprise by unveiling an iPad at the same time - and not just any iPad. The iPad Pro. Phil Schiller took the spotlight to unveil this new category for Apple to approach, and called it 'the most capable and powerful iPad we've ever created'. 

In this article, which we are updating live as we follow the event, we reveal all the details: the iPad Pro UK launch date and price rumours (since Apple hasn't announced these yet), its new features and design changes, and the iPad Pro tech specs.

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iPad Pro launch: Design

iPad Pro design

Design-wise, the iPad Pro is a companion piece to the iPad Air 2: you're just getting a lot more iPad. Its general layout, its material, edging and so on all match. The positioning of the buttons, the Lightning and headphone ports, the Touch ID-equipped Home button: all of these are the same as on the smaller iPad Air 2. But there are some key differences to the design.

These are not cosmetic differences. Each one corresponds to something that the iPad Pro does differently.

iPad Pro design

One is that there are four speakers - resulting in far more volume output and (Apple claims) automatically reblancing audio performance. This is something we will talk about in more depth in the audio section of our specs report.

There is a new type of connector on the side of the iPad Pro: the lefthand side if you're holding it in portrait orientation. Apple calls it the Smart Connector, fairly straightforwardly. This is for the new Smart Keyboard accessory, which we will discuss in the accessories section.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the screen's design has been enhanced. This isn't something that you will be able to notice from the exterior hardware, but Apple is confident that you'll notice is when the device is in use.

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iPad Pro tech specs

The iPad Pro's tech specs are pretty impressive. Let's look at them in more detail.

iPad Pro screen size and resolution

The iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch (diagonal) display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048. That gives a pixel density of 264.68 (according to the excellent Pixel Density Calculator) - that's the same density as the iPad Air 2 across a far larger screen, and a total of 5.6 million pixels.

Apple boasted that the iPad Pro has more pixels than the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

iPad Pro launch: iPad Pro and iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 (left) and iPad Pro

The iPad Pro offers 78 percent more screen space than the iPad Air 2. Its width is the same as the iPad Air 2's length, which makes it easy to run apps optimised for the smaller device in portrait, with the Pro in landscape orientation. Running two side by side would work well, too, thanks to the Split View in iOS 9.

iPad Pro specs: Processor

The iPad Pro's processor chip, as we expected, is the A9X: an update to the A8X chip in the iPad Air 2 (which is itself very fast, in our experience).

Apple boasted that the A9X chip offers 2x the memory bandwidth of the A8X, and 2x faster storage performance too. Overall speed is 1.8x the performance of the A8X, Apple says, although we'd like to run our own tests.

One last (two-part) boast about the iPad Pro's speed. Apple reckons that in CPU tests, the Pro is faster than 80 precedent of portable PCs, and faster than 90 percent in graphics tests. We'll update this article when we know a little more about the details of Apple's testing!

Here's Apple press release on the iPad Pro's speed:

"iPad Pro delivers groundbreaking performance and energy efficiency, so you can tackle the most demanding tasks. Apple's powerful new 64-bit A9X chip, with third-generation 64-bit architecture, provides desktop-class CPU performance and console-class graphics."

iPad Pro specs: Camera

The iPad Pro gets an 8Mp front-facing iSight camera with the following specs:

  • 8MP iSight camera
  • Autofocus
  • ƒ/2.4 aperture
  • Five-element lens
  • Hybrid IR ?lter
  • Backside illumination
  • Improved face detection
  • Exposure control
  • Panorama (up to 43MP)
  • Burst mode
  • Tap to focus
  • Photo geotagging
  • Timer mode 

Yep, it's seemlngly identical to the camera on the iPad Air 2.

Video recording specs are also the same as the Air 2:

  • 1080p HD video recording (30 fps)
  • Slo-mo (120 fps)
  • Time-lapse video
  • Video image stabilisation
  • Improved face detection
  • 3x video zoom
  • Video geotagging

As is, last of all, the front-facing camera:

  • 1.2MP photos
  • ƒ/2.2 aperture
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Backside illumination
  • Auto HDR photos and videos
  • Improved face detection
  • Burst mode
  • Exposure control
  • Timer mode

iPad Pro battery life

According to Apple the iPad Pro will have a battery life of 10 hours. As with the speed metrics, we'd like to test that out for ourselves, but Apple tends to if anything underestimate the battery performance of its products.

One other element worth mentioning in relation to battery life: Apple says that the iPad Pro is at present the only iOS device that automatically adjusts its screen refresh rate depending on the amount of movement on screen - something which the company says allows it to save power when it isn't needed.

iPad Pro speaker and audio specs

The iPad Pro has a four-speaker audio system, as was rumoured beforehand. (The obligatory Jony Ive video gloated about this being "machined directly into the unibody enclosure".) The company observed that this is the first time an Apple product has offered this; we're willing to take their word for it.

iPad Pro launch: Speaker setup

What does this quad-speaker setup produce in practice? Three times the audio volume of the iPad Air 2, according to Apple. The setup also rebalances the sound performance depending on the way you're holding it. Something else to put to the test in our labs.

iPad Pro dimensions

The iPad Pro weighs roughly 710g (US-based Apple of course gave the weight in imperial measurements: 1.57lbs) and again the company was able to find a flattering comparison: in this case the iPad Pro is only fractionally heavier than the (1.54lb, or 680g) iPad 1, which of course had a massively smaller screen.

Thickness is also impressive: the iPad Pro is 6.9mm thick, which is only slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2 (6.1mm) while again offering an immensely bigger screen, greater speed and so on.

iPad Pro accessories

Apple unveiled two new accessories alongside the iPad Pro: a stylus called the Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard.

Apple Pencil

Yes, Apple has cracked and, after all those years saying that touch was the best interface method, it's launching a stylus to go with the iPad Pro. It's called Apple Pencil.

iPad Pro launch: Apple Pencil accessory

Jony Ive did his best to justify what can only be seen as a significant change in strategy by saying that the Apple Pencil gives you "the ability to touch a single pixel". It also charges by plugging directly into the iPad Pro's Lightning port. It costs $99 in the US. We'll update with a UK price when we have one.

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Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple also unveiled a Microsoft Surface-esque keyboard cover. This is called the Apple Smart Keyboard, and will sell for $169 in the US. We'll update this article with a UK price when we have it.

iPad Pro launch: Smart Keyboard accessory

iPad Pro UK price and launch date rumours

Apple said the iPad Pro will go onsale in November: that's as specific as it was prepared to be. (Pre-launch rumours suggesed late-November, so don't back on anything happening near the start of the month.)

It will be available in just three storage configurations, confirming the pre-launch rumour that the 16GB option has been killed off. Your only options are 32GB or 128GB (if you want the Wi-Fi model) or 128GB (if you want it with cellular connectivity).

The US pricing of those three configurations is as follows:

  • $799 (32GB, Wi-Fi)
  • $949 (128GB, Wi-Fi)
  • $1,079 (128GB, Wi-Fi and cellular)

We'll update this article with UK pricing as soon as we hear from Apple, but they currently say only that "Pricing will be announced at availability."

The iPad Pro is available in three colours: silver, gold and Space Grey - it doesn't get the rose gold added to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

iPad Pro launch: colour options

More to follow...

iPad Pro launch: Pre-launch rumours

The iPad Pro/iPad Plus is a rumour; a legend. And perhaps even a genuine Apple product in development right now. The iPad Pro is one of the most speculated-about and hyped-up fantasy Apple products of the past few years - right up there with the Apple Watch - but unlike Apple's new wearable we don't know for sure if it even exists. Still, as we shall see, there is growing evidence to suggest that an iPad Pro (or an iPad Plus, or something similar) will launch, and launch soon.

We hoped the iPad Pro might get a mention at WWDC 2015 in June. It did not, but the event - with its revelation of powerful app-multitasking features that iOS 9 will bring to the iPad - did offer up lots of hints about the possibility of Apple launching a bigger, more powerful tablet in the future. We now expect the iPad Pro to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 6s tonight (9 September). Read on for more details - and come back tonight (the event starts at 6pm UK time) to see how much we got right, and how much we got wrong. Read next: How to watch the iPhone 6s launch livestream

Apple 9 September live blog

Here's everything that happens at Apple's launch event, as it happens:

Main sections in this article:

Macworld's verdict on the iPad Pro/iPad Plus
Introduction: What is the iPad Pro?
iPad Pro launch date rumours (updated, 9 Sept, to discuss tonight's launch event)
iPad Pro specification rumours (updated, 9 Sept, with the likely news that Apple will offer only 64GB and 128GB versions of the iPad Pro)
iPad Pro new features rumours 
iPad Pro leaked images 

Macworld poll: Do you think Apple should launch a bigger iPad?

Before we move on the rumours, tell us what you think about the iPad Pro concept. Do you think Apple should unveil a 12-inch iPad? Have your say with our latest poll:

In a nutshell: Macworld's verdict on the iPad Pro/iPad Plus

This article is going to cover a lot of rumours, speculation, clues, hints, leaked evidence and informed analysis about the iPad Pro. But for those who don't want all the detail, we've summed up our thoughts on the subject in this opening section. It's a sort of TL;DR for the article as a whole.

Macworld's feelings about the iPad Pro could be summed up in one word: hmmm. We don't think it would make a lot of sense to launch a 12-inch iPad right now, given the declining interest in the tablet market as a whole, and conversely the success of the iPad mini line over the past few years: the reason people are buying fewer tablets is not down to the screens being too small, it's down to the cannibalisation from phablets and a saturated market.

The solid markets for Apple at the moment are laptops and smartphones; the growth markets for the next few years are wearables and the smart home. Launching a big, costly tablet would be an odd move to make in 2015.

Apple recently launched an ultraportable 12-inch MacBook, and this casts twin doubts over the iPad Pro rumour: one, it's possible that sightings of screen components for this project mistakenly contributed to the iPad Pro rumours; and two, it's an extra alternative - on top of the cheaper Air and the more powerful Pro - that we think the average mobile worker would rather take than a 12-inch iPad.

If you need a 12-inch screen for working on the go, why would you pick an iPad, which is less suitable for work, has a smaller library of serious work applications and doesn't come with a hardware keyboard? (It would presumably still be cheaper than a 12-inch MacBook, although not by much, and quite possibly not at all once you factor in a detachable keyboard.)

Despite all our doubts, however, we have to admit that if anyone has the market clout and cultural influence to push a new product category like this, it's Apple. And there are more than a few reasons why it would make sense to launch an iPad Pro, which we'll look at in the next category.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: New MacBook (12 inch, early 2015)

Are there any reasons to think Apple will launch an iPad Pro?

The respectable success of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 shows one avenue that tablets could follow in order to find new customers outside of the seemingly saturated consumer market (although the company put so much marketing spend behind that product that it would have been a surprise if it hadn't made a bit of a splash). And Apple has made it clear that it wants to make more headway in the enterprise market; a business-focused tablet would make sense in that context.

You can even spin stalling tablet sales (they're flat; they're not plummeting) as something Apple needs to tackle by shaking up its tablet offering and coming up with something new; and there have been some 'leaked photos' of a dummy iPad model - although we're not convinced that these are genuine. (Make up your own mind in the iPad Pro leaked images section.)

A final point in favour of the iPad Pro comes from iOS 9, which features several lovely app-multitasking features (such as Split View that lets you interact with two apps side by side) that would make glorious sense on a larger screen.

Be in no doubt that Apple will absolutely have explored the idea of an iPad Pro: Jony Ive's design cave will have seen its share of milled-foam prototypes with 12-inch screens. But until now we've struggled to believe that of all the projects in the running for Apple's focus, the iPad Pro is genuinely among the three or four most promising.

Yet the evidence is piling up, and it's getting harder and harder to ignore the possibility that tonight (9 September 2015), finally, is the night. Read on for our detailed analysis of the iPad Pro/iPad Plus concept, and all the iPad Pro rumours that are fit to post. 

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What is the iPad Pro/iPad Plus, and what's all the fuss about?

The iPad Pro is a giant iPad: an iPad Air with a bigger screen (perhaps 12.9 inches from corner to corner, compared to the iPad Air's 9.7 inches, although a new screen size of 12.2 inches has recently become rumoured). If the more extreme tales are to be believed, it will also feature a hybrid tablet/laptop body, although that strikes us as unlikely.

In this article we collect all the rumours about when the new iPad Pro will launch (that's assuming it's called iPad Pro - we also discuss possible alternative names such as iPad Plus). Read on to find out how big the larger-screen iPad will be, what other features this top-of-the-range iPad might offer, and whether there will ever be a touchscreen MacBook/iPad hybrid. We'll be adding iPad Pro leaked photos as and when they emerge; expect far more to appear as the launch date approaches.

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iPad Pro release date rumours

Plus: Are the rumours about an iPad Pro actually based on sightings of a new Retina display for the MacBook Air? Read our 11in Retina MacBook Air rumour roundup.

Finally, find out what other new Apple products are likely to appear this year: Apple rumours and predictions for 2015. And we have the latest rumours about the Apple iCar here.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus launch date rumours: When will the big-screen iPad Pro come out?

There are mixed reports on when the iPad Pro (or iPad Plus) is likely to launch, but the latest rumours point to an onsale date of November 2015. In fact, it might be the only new iPad we get this year, although others believe the mini lineup will get a minor update.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus launch date rumours: Shipping in November alongside iOS 9.1

9to5Mac's sources have disclosed an approximate release date for the iPad Pro, and it's a little later than was previously expected. Expect the iPad Pro to be unveiled at the iPhone 6s launch event on 9 September, become available for pre-orders in October and finally ship near the end of November. The sources also predict initial shortages of the product.

Watch this space tonight for the latest updates.

iPad Pro 'to launch before Christmas'

Reports are claiming that the iPad Pro will arrive this autumn. It will feature Force Touch and will come with a stylus.

The latest claims come from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who asserts that production of the bigger iPad will begin in September and October, with the unit going on sale prior to the Christmas shopping season.

According to Kuo the stylus will be supplied by Cheng Uei and will ship separately to the iPad Pro. He expects Apple to sell a million of the styluses, according to Apple Insider.

As for the iPad Pro, Kuo expects that Apple will ship around 3.5 million.

Apple 'focusing on iPad Pro'

The investment advisor Liaoxian Le revealed to Economic Daily News that Apple is focusing its energy on the new iPad Pro, and implies that the new iPad Air 3 won't be released before 2016. Apple may temporarily leave behind the iPad mini line as well, although some analysts think that Apple will launch the iPad mini 4 alongside the iPad Pro.

In any case, the accuracy of this report isn't cast-iron; MacRumors observes that "Economic Daily News has a mixed track record on rumours and the accuracy of this particular analyst isn't known."

According to another source, Digi Times, Apple has already placed an order for the components of a new 12.9-inch iPad. Late September would be the start date of production in the supply chain. Apple would then be ready to launch the device to customers in mid-November.

The report also claims that the order is relatively small; "Apple is rather cautious about placing related orders and the initial shipment volume is much lower than most market watchers' expectations, according to sources from the upstream supply chain."

This might result from the relative unpopularity of tablets compared to smartphones with 5-inch and larger displays.

However, while we find the predicted November launch date plausible, it seems improbable that Apple would place such a small order for the iPad Pro. It's true that smartphones are outselling tablets, but we believe that Apple would focus considerable energy on this new device, which could hold the key to renewing tablets' popularity.

iPad Pro launch date: Delayed to September 2015

Bloomberg is quoting anonymous sources who say that the start of production has been delayed to September 2015, as a result of display panel supply problems - although we hope to hear official confirmation of the iPad Pro before then. Other rumours suggest we might not see the iPad Pro until 2016...

In this section we will post all the rumours, leaks and clues that point to the iPad Pro's launch date. As you will see, plenty of analysts have tried - and failed - to predict the iPad Pro's launch day. Generally speaking, we like to keep past predictions here even once they've been proven wrong, since this gives a better idea of the accuracy you can expect from the various Apple pundits. A pinch of salt is recommended.

iPad Pro launch date: Spring 2015

What clues are there to help us predict the iPad Pro's launch date? One recent prediction came from respected Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who has made predictions about an iPad Pro launch in the spring of 2015, specifying elsewhere in his report that the iPad Pro will appear in the second quarter (Q2) of 2015.

(More intriguingly, Ming-Chi Kuo also reckons that Apple will make a stylus accessory to go with the iPad Pro, which we discuss in the New features section of this article.)

Read more about these predictions in our article: A rumoured Apple iPad stylus could point toward business ambitions, bigger tablets.

iPad Pro release date rumours

iPad Pro launch date: 2015

Fox News quotes analyst Rhoda Alexander from the market research company IHS (who we will be hearing from again later in this section) as saying that the iPad Pro or iPad Plus will come out this year. "It's a go for 2015," she said, citing supply side sources.

"The release timing is fuzzy," Alexander added. "It may not appear until Q4 with the other iPad updates. We are, however, getting input from both the component and [product] side that this is a real product, and part of Apple's 2015 building plan."

iPad Pro launch date: Production starting in December 2014

Back in October 2014 The Wall Street Journal theorised that Apple had been planning to start mass production of the iPad Pro in December 2014 (obviously the device itself wouldn't become available in shops until some time later) but had to push back the plan because it was struggling to meet demand for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Nice problem to have, we suppose.

"The top priority for the supply chain is to meet the overwhelming demand for the larger-screen iPhones," said an anonymous source near Apple's manufacturing supply chain. "The output of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus remains unsatisfactory, and it would be challenging for display makers to... ramp up production for a new larger-screen iPad now."

You can read the full article here, but you'll have to subscribe to the WSJ to do so.

iPad Pro launch date: Q3 2015

Clearly we didn't see the iPad Pro in 2014, but when will it launch? A report by the generally pretty accurate Japanese site Macotakara (which we discuss in further detail in the screen size and specs sections of this article) predicts a Q3 2015 launch for the iPad Pro, which would mean a wait until July at the earliest.

Yet reports in August suggested that Apple would release a larger iPad with a 12.9-inch screen in early 2015 - that's according to Bloomberg. That report claimed that Apple's suppliers were set to start manufacturing the largest ever iPad in the first quarter of this year. We think March 2015 is a reasonable guess, partly because once upon a time Apple ran iPad launch events in that month (for the iPad 2 and iPad 3, at least; and the original iPad launched in April), but at this point it remains just that: a guess. 

At any rate, these reports seem to back up Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst with a highly respected track record when it comes to Apple predictions. Earlier in 2014 he published a report claiming that, on the tablet front, we'll see only a new iPad Air in 2014, with the iPad Pro and an update to the iPad mini following in 2015. Kuo said he believed that Apple would focus on the iWatch and its operating system in 2014 (he was right about that, even if we now know that it's called the Apple Watch), with the iPad Air 2/iPad 6 featuring only incremental upgrades: an A8 processor and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. (On the A8 chip side of things, we hear that Samsung has been shifted off that project after failing to meet demand - see our iPhone 6 rumour article for more details.)

"We believe Apple plans to launch an upgraded iPad Air early this year, and will accelerate development of a 12.9in iPad," Kuo wrote.

"As such, more resources will be allocated to these two products, which will affect the progress of the development of the new iPad mini. All told, we think the chances of the debut of a new iPad mini in 2H14 are slim. In addition, the 12.9in iPad is unlikely to be offered in 2014. For these reasons, we predict the only new iPad product in 2H14 will be the upgraded iPad Air."

In a later note Kuo reiterated his belief that Apple is producing a 12.9in iPad, again noting that he didn't think it would launch in 2014.

Yet previous reports had suggested that Apple was working on two new 12.9in iPads for a 2014 launch. The first - a 2K model - was expected in April, while the rumoured 4K models were forecast for an October 2014 release. Both prediction are now self-evidently wildly inaccurate. 

In January 2014, Evercore Partners analyst Patrick Wang predicted that a 12in MacBook/iPad hybrid would launch in the autumn of 2014: another wrong prediction.

Analyst Rhoda Alexander from IHS has said that several larger display panels possibly destined for a bigger iPad are being tested by Apple, but insists that this doesn't mean the bigger iPad launch is imminent. Alexander says: "Some manufacturers over the last six months have received sample quantities of a larger panel. Various sizes are being reported with 12.85 inches being one of the sizes."

However, Alexander says that there hasn't been a big shipment of the panels, and notes: "We have to get a lot further down the line in terms of seeing really strong indicators from Apple that such a product exists, and we're just not at that point."

One factor that may come into play is the movement of rivals. In January 2014 Samsung launched a pair of 12.2in tablets, the Galaxy Note Pro and the Galaxy Tab Pro (note the use of the word 'Pro' - does that make Apple more or less likely to brand its iPad the iPad Pro?), and Apple will be watching their progress with great interest.

In the past it's often been observed that Apple doesn't slavishly follow market trends, and that's certainly true. But it can be a reactive company, as we saw with the iPad mini, which followed the success of several rival mini-tablets, and the phablet form of the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple's habit is to watch a market for some time, establish that it has the potential to be profitable - but hasn't yet been exploited to the full - and then set it alight with a market-changing product.

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iPad Pro release date rumours

See also: iPad Air 2 release date rumours | iPad mini 3 release date rumours | iPhone 6 release date rumours | All Apple rumours

Macworld poll: How often do you update your iPad?

Whenever the iPad Pro does come out, it's sure to sell a lot of units. But not everyone updates their iPad when a new model comes out. How often do you buy a new tablet?

Let us know by answering our poll:

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: How will the launch of the iPad Pro affect the other iPads?

This brings us to a perpetual worry facing companies who choose to make their product lines more diverse: will the new products cannibalise - ie steal sales from - the existing ones? Is the iPad Pro too similar to existing iPads for its own good?

As we talk about in the processor chip section, the iPad Pro will need to find ways to differentiate itself from the iPad Air 2 and MacBook Air lines that it sits between. We expected the iPad Pro to be faster than the iPad Airs, but their inclusion of the (exceptionally fast) A8X chip makes that difficult to foresee. It will have to be sold on screen size and greater suitability for business and education, compared to the smaller iPads; and on greater portability and ease of use, compared to the MacBooks.

Oddly enough, one iPad line that could suffer is the one that seems to have least overlap with the iPad Pro: the mini. A report from China's udn.com predicts that, once the iPad Pro hits shops, Apple will stop updating its iPad mini brand, focusing instead on the iPhone 6 Plus phablets.

Boy Genius Report has argued that this strategy is already making its presence felt: that this was why the iPad mini update in October was so underwhelming. (Our iPad mini 3 review makes it clear that we don't think its new features - Touch ID and a new gold finish - are enough to justify an £80 higher price tag than the iPad mini 2.) Is the iPad mini line already on the way out?

iPad Pro release date rumours: iPad mini 3

We're somewhat sceptical about this, given that the iPad minis are among the most successful and popular that Apple has ever launched, while the iPhone 6 Plus has received a mixed reception. But it is true that Apple is suffering from 'version creep' at the moment, with a once-simple iOS line-up proliferating in an almost Samsung-esque way. At some point it may decide to cut back and focus on what it believes to be the key products.

iPad Pro names: iPad Pro, iPad Plus, iPad Air Plus, or something else?

Apple surprised everyone when it named its fifth-generation full-sized iPad the iPad Air (most of us assumed it would be called iPad 5 or New iPad), but the name made a lot of sense when we saw how thin and light the tablet was. Slicing more than a quarter off the weight of the previous generation, and approaching the iPad minis in terms of thickness, it's a spectacularly portable device.

iPad Pro release date rumours: iPad Air

But the name also ties in with another existing Apple product: the MacBook Air, Apple's thinnest laptop. Which immediately made excitable rumour-mongers start speculating: if Apple is making iPad Airs to match its slim-and-light MacBook Air laptops, wouldn't it make sense to design a line of high-end tablets to match the MacBook Pro? Will we see an iPad Pro in 2015, or even late in 2014?

iPad Pro, then, makes a certain amount of sense as a brand. But the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus launch in September threw doubt over this concept. If the bigger version of the iPhone 6 is called the iPhone 6 Plus, wouldn't it follow that the bigger version of the iPad Air line would be called iPad Air Plus? (Or, more simply, iPad Plus.)

Possibly. Remember first of all that Apple tends to follow different paths with its smartphone and tablet naming, so you can't always apply that kind of logic.

We've heard a rival site refer to the device as the iPad XXL as a placeholder rather than as a sincere prediction of its name, but it's relatively catchy (if decidedly un-Apple).

One last possibility would be a name that riffs on the iPad mini, the iPad Pro's diminutive mirror image. But iPad Max is too 90s, and iPad Maxi sounds... well... a bit like this.

Read about why there is life in the old iPad yet: The iPad: It's not dead yet! We examine whether declining iPad sales should concern Apple

iPad Pro/iPad Plus specification rumours

What specs can we expect from the iPad Pro? What processor will it run? What about its RAM allocation, screen resolution and physical dimensions?

Until we hear official confirmation from Apple, all of this is speculation; but as leaks emerge from Apple's factories and supply chain, our predictions are likely to get closer and closer to the truth. Here's what we're expecting based on current information.

iPad Pro storage options: 64GB and 128GB

It looks like the iPad Pro will finally break the much-maligned 16GB storage glass floor - but it's debatable whether this is more than a symbolic victory.

In this day and age 16GB seems like a paltry amount of storage for a mobile device, making OS updates difficult and maintaining any kind of respectable gaming or media library impossible. It has therefore been somewhat galling for Apple fans that the company forces iPad and iPhone buyers to choose between not-quite-enough 16GB or more-than-most-people-need 64GB, after removing the popular 32GB option in between.

(To be fair, the 64GB option has been consistently priced at the same or a similar level that 32GB used to occupy, but one must assume that if Apple can do that, it could sell a 32GB model for less. The price of storage is notoriously quick to drop.)

It looks like Apple will sell entry-level 16GB versions of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (although of course there will be more expensive models with 64GB and 128GB too), and the iPad mini 4 is expected to follow suit. But Apple is apparently thinking bigger with the iPad Pro, also expected to be announced at the launch event tonight.

Reliable rumourmongers 9to5Mac cite insider sources who predict that the iPad Pro will come in just two storage flavours: 64GB and 128GB. We'd readily agree that 16GB isn't remotely enough for a professional-focused tablet (as we explain above, indeed, it seems scarcely enough for a consumer smartphone), but we can't help observing that this plan simply erases the entry-level option without replacing it with either a 32GB offering or a 256GB model at the top end.

You might therefore think that this doesn't qualify as good news: after all, with the iPad Air 2 you always had the option to pay for 64GB or 128GB of storage if you really needed it. We have lost one option and gained none - what's the big deal?

The (potential) big deal is 1) the recognition by Apple that 16GB might no longer be quite enough for a mobile device - a little like Apple giving way on the 'Retina is the highest resolution the human eye can perceive' concept for the iPhone 6 Plus - which gives us hope for further and broader changes in future and 2) the fact that it will have to make the price of the 64GB unit competitive, since it won't be able to claim the price is 'from' whatever the underpowered 16GB model costs.

It's possibly we are overanalysing this, however - particularly as the sources say this change is only "likely".

iPad Pro display resolution spotted in iOS 9 code

In other news, code appearing in analytics logs suggests that a bigger iPad with an even higher resolution is just around the corner. The code has been sighted by analytics firm Appsee in analytics data for some commercial iOS apps. This suggests that the model is in the later stages of testing, writes Apple Insider.

The iPad in question sports a 2,048-by-2,732-pixel display, rather than the 2,048-by-1,536-pixel display found on the iPad Air.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus screen size: How big will the iPad Pro's display be?

Just after WWDC 2015's keynote Apple released iOS 9 as a beta, and developers have been exploring the code in the hunt for clues to future products. One developer, Steve Troughton-Smith, has discovered that the iOS 9 beta code appears to offer a larger iPad keyboard that would be used for a 12in iPad. The bigger keyboard has a shortcut bar, Tab and Caps Lock keys, as well as an entire row dedicated to other characters and punctuation.

In addition, iOS 9's code also appears to reveal the resolution of a future iPad, presumably the iPad Pro. The code points to a 2,732 x 2,048 pixel display, which would equate to a 264ppi pixel density if Apple uses the rumoured 12.93in display. This should make it easy for developers to scale their apps, as the current iPad line-up has the same pixel density.

It has widely been suggested that the iPad Pro will have a 12.9-inch display (measured diagonally, corner to corner), compared to the 9.7-inch display on the iPad Air and the 7.9-inch display on the iPad mini.

But that might be slightly off. A new (as of 4 November 2014) and reasonably plausible rumour holds that the screen will actually measure 12.2 inches.

The Japanese site Macotakara (you'll need to get your browser of choice to translate the linked page) has come up with this new screen size, along with various other tech specs that we will discuss later in this article. There's no source, as far as we can tell, and the basis for the claims seems to be that Apple will be gunning for Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet (which has a 12-inch screen).

This strikes us as slightly odd thinking, since the Surface Pro is quite obviously a less successful product than any of Apple's iPads: indeed, some people think Microsoft would like to close down its Surface line entirely.

Microsoft doesn't release Surface sales figures, so we can't compare it to the iPads directly, but Apple hasn't had much to fear from Microsoft's tablets so far. Even if iPad sales have flattened lately, they're still doing okay, and it would be strange for Apple to take strategic lessons from a company whose tablet sales are so much worse.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus specs: Dimensions

It's currently believed that the iPad Pro will have a 12.2-inch screen, but how big can we expect the device itself to be?

The iPad Pro is likely to follow the approximate design of the iPad Air 2, although on a larger scale: with a slim bezel on either side of the screen, and larger spaces for the Home button and FaceTime camera above and below the screen.

This would lead us to expect dimensions of 12 inches by 8.7 inches, compared to the 9.4 inches by 6.6 inches of the iPad Air 2.

What about thickness? The French website nowhereelse.fr recently posted a image that it claimed had come from a Foxconn factory, accompanied by some description of the upcoming iPad Pro device from someone who worked there. This factory employee said (somewhat vaguely) that "its thickness would be between 6.9 and 7.5mm".

More on that alleged leak in our iPad Pro leaked images section.

A last word on dimensions goes to the Japanese print magazine Mac Fan, which has published schematics for the iPad Pro. It reckons the iPad Pro will measure 305.31mm x 220.8mm x 7mm. (That compares to the 240mm x 169.5mm x 6.1mm of the Wi-Fi-only iPad Air 2.)

iPad Pro rumours: Mac Fan iPad Pro schematics

iPad Pro/iPad Plus specs: iPad Pro may run Mac OS X

The European Patent & Trademark Office has published a latest trademark filing for "OS X El Capitan" and it appears that Apple has specified that, in addition to its use with "computers and computer peripheral device", the name could be used in conjunction with tablet computers, notes Patently Apple.

This is the first time tablets have been mentioned in a trademark filing for the Mac OS - Apple's US Trademark filing for Yosemite didn't mention tablets.

The revelation hints that the new OS X may have a future as a tablet operating system. This has lead to speculation that it could mean the rumoured iPad Pro might run OS X.

Being able to run the full Mac OS would make the iPad a significant competitor to the Microsoft Surface, which runs the same version of Windows as PCs do.

This would be a good move if recent IDC research is anything to go by: an IDC study indicates that the hybrid tablet-notebook is destined to be adopted by 50 percent of businesses, and the bigger iPad coupled with the full Mac OS could mean Apple is on to a winner here with a real challenger to the Surface.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus specs: Stereo speakers

An interesting part of Macotakara's predictions concerns audio. The site predicts that the iPad Pro will have speakers and a microphone at the top of the device as well as on the bottom, enabling it to offer stereo sound.

This is a great idea, as audio has always been a weakness of the iPad line. Particularly for film fans: put an iPad on its side to view a movie and you're immediately getting lopsided sound. (Of course, you can always bolster your iPad's sound with a wireless speaker, but isn't it a shame that the device can't produce strong sound out of the box?)

iPad Air 1 speaker

As with the screen size prediction, we're not entirely sure of the evidential basis of Macotakara's predictions here, beyond what would be nice/what would compete well against the Surface Pro 3. There's a picture of the dual-speaker design, although it's not clear where this has come from...

Update, 5th Jan 2015: More talk of multi-speaker design. A worker in a Foxconn factory claims that the iPad Pro will have not two but four speakers. More on that alleged leak in our iPad Pro leaked images section.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus specs: Which processor chip will the iPad Pro run?

A rumour shortly before the launch of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 suggested that Apple was working on a processor chip called the A8X, a high-performance version of the A8 used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and would install this in the iPad Pro. The site G For Games reckoned this was the word "on the streets of Taiwan", anyway.

Well, this rumour was sort of right: Apple had indeed created the A8X. It just wasn't anything to do with the iPad Pro. The A8X makes its debut in the iPad Air 2 - and this means the iPad Air 2 is gloriously fast. Faster, even, than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and their A8 processors.

There is some historical precedent for Apple using an X-class version of an iPhone processor when it launches an iPad some months later. The A5 chip debuted in the iPad 2, and reappeared in the iPhone 4s; when Apple released the iPad 3 five months later it came with the A5X, a souped-up version of the A5. Similarly, the iPhone 5 launched with an A6 chip in September 2012, and was followed in October by the iPad 4, which had an A6X.

(If you're wondering what the difference is between a full version update and an X-class update, the latter is an acknowledgement by Apple that it has performed a less fundamental refresh. To get more technical than that, I would refer you to Stephen Darlington, a coder who explained the rationale to me on Twitter: the A6 was followed by the A6X and not the A7 "because they beefed up the GPU on the iPad but left the CPU the same".)

But where does this leave the iPad Pro? One of the selling points we were expecting Apple to focus on with this fantasy product was speed: that the iPad Pro would be faster than any previous Apple tablet, and capable of laptop levels of performance. But the iPad Air 2 is capable of laptop levels of performance. It's hard to see what Apple would gain from making the Pro even faster.

But hold your horses. For one thing, we would need to think about screen resolution. If the iPad Pro has a 4K screen, more processing power would be called for - and we could be looking at an entirely new chip. (We talk about 4K screens in the next section.)

And for a really radical move, some rumourmongers have suggested that Apple could equip the iPad Pro with OS X instead of iOS, opening up a world of new applications. Again, these would provide the engineers with another reason to rethink the choice of processor chip. (The apps on the App Store don't provide much of a test for the A8X, let alone a more powerful alternative, but the range of software for Mac would be a different matter.)

These are all possibilities. But our expectation remains that, assuming it launches by the spring of 2015, the iPad Pro will come with the A8X processor, same as the iPad Air 2 - and it therefore won't be sold on the idea of speed alone.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus specs: 2K and 4K screen resolution options

Talking about screen resolution, the other rumour that's been doing the rounds lately suggests that the iPad Pro will come in two configurations: one with a 2K screen, and the other rocking a gigantic 4K resolution.

What do those terms mean? They refer to the number of pixels along the horizontal: roughly 2,000 on a 2K screen, and roughly 4,000 on a 4K.

It's worth pointing out here that the iPad Air is already a 2K screen, with its resolution of 2,048 x 1,536, and that a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a 2K screen would therefore have a lower pixel density (the same number of pixels, but spread over a wider area) than the Air. In principle that would make the 2K iPad Pro sub-Retina in classification, unless Apple jiggles the definitions and says that users hold big tablets further away from their eyes than normal-sized ones. (I explain the definition of Retina - and the difference between Retina and Retina HD - ina this article: What is a Retina display, what is a Retina HD display and are they worth the money?

But what about the flagship model? Assuming that the iPad Pro has the same 4:3 aspect ratio as previous iPads, a 4K iPad Pro would have a monstrous screen resolution of 4,096 x 3,072. According to the marvellous Pixel Density Calculator, that's a pixel density of 396.9ppi - fractionally lower than the 401ppi on the Retina HD iPhone 6 Plus, and on a larger device that you'd expect to hold further away from the eye. Exciting stuff... if it's true.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus new features rumours

What about the iPad Pro's new features? Again, we must use a degree of guesswork, but there are clues to work with.

For a start, it's thought that the new iPad Pro, like the iPad Air 2, will feature a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, but this is getting to be fairly old news. Even the iPad minis have Touch ID these days.

If the iPad Pro is to be the premium flagship product most of us are imaging, Apple needs to introduce breakthrough new features. The bigger screen would do nicely as one such feature, but there are other new features that may also give people reason to upgrade. We consider some of these below. 

The iPad upgrade cycle is more like the PC upgrade cycle than the smartphone upgrade cycle, which means that there has to be a good reason to upgrade a tablet. Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to the iPad's recent drop in year-on-year sales as a "speed bump", in an interview with Re/code. The author states: "Cook isn't stupid: he understands that [the new iPad needs significant new features to tempt upgraders]. If the new iPads in the works were going to offer only incremental change, he'd fall flat on his face with this prediction."

Here are the new features that have been rumoured, and how likely we think they are to appear in the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus new features: Multitasking

Following WWDC 2015, Apple's developer conference that started on 8 June, our opinion on whether or not the iPad Pro is actually going to launch changed significantly. We were utterly unconvinced before, but now Apple has revealed that iOS 9 will support split screen multi-tasking.

iPad Pro new features: Multitasking

The only iPad that'll be able to run split screen multi-tasking fully is the iPad Air 2, because Apple says it requires a lot of power, which should be no problem for the iPad Pro. And with a 12.9in screen, split screen multi-tasking could bring the iPad to a whole new market.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus new features: USB-C port

There are reports that Apple is planning to include a USB Type-C port on the new 12in iPad. There is some uncertainty as to whether the USB Type-C will replace the Lightning port, or if both ports will be available. According to Apple Insider, cases makers are already designing cases for the iPad Pro that include space for two ports, one at the base, and one on the side, based on ‘leaked’ iPad Pro design specifications.

This one is mainly based on the recently leaked 'dummy iPad Pro photo' that we've added to our iPad Pro leaked photos section, which appears to show a USB-C port on the side of the device. But the more general concept of Apple breaking the habit of a lifetime and adding non-proprietary ports to an iOS device is also backed up by a recent Wall Street Journal article (paywall) suggesting that Apple was set to add USB ports to its next iPad. Although the WSJ reckoned that it would be USB 3.0 ports.

The launch of the 12-inch MacBook, which has just a single USB-C port and a headphone port, led to speculation about where else Apple would place the technology. And the iPad is one place where it wouldn't be controversial: iPads already have just a single port for both data/syncing and power, and replacing Lightning with USB-C (or even giving the iPad Pro both) would be a major step forward for peripheral compatibility. (The iPad also doesn't have MagSafe to lose.)

We've always assumed that a bigger-screen iPad would be aimed at business users, and being able to easily transfer large work files via a high-speed wired connection would be a plus point. As would the ability to easily plug in a variety of storage devices and peripherals.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus new features: Ultra-hard 'Project Phire' glass to replace standard Gorilla Glass screen

Apple doesn't officially disclose the screen materials it uses for its iPad tablets, but it's widely believed to be Gorilla Glass, the scratch-resistant aluminosilicate glass made by Corning and used on the iPhones. Yet that may be about to change.

For most of last year rumourmongers were predicting that Apple would ditch Corning entirely and use sapphire glass screens instead (it even bought a sapphire glass facility in Arizona, although that failed and will be converted into a data centre). In the end sapphire's use was restricted to Touch ID buttons and rear camera lenses.

Now the buzz surrounds a new screen material known as 'Project Phire': a response by Corning to sapphire glass developments, it's allegedly as scratch-resistant as sapphire glass but as drop-resistant as Gorilla Glass. Perhaps this is more likely to appear in the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6c than in a new iPad - smartphones being more portable and pocketable, and therefore more likely to be dropped on a pavement or scratched by a bunch of keys than a tablet - but it would make sense for Apple to standardise its designs some way down the line.

The death of Gorilla Glass is predicted every year and it seems to be going strong, so we're not particularly convinced by this theory; and it seems like more of a PR response to the growing hype surrounding sapphire on Corning's part than a concrete plan for near-future products. But you never know.

iPad Pro new features: Force Touch

Apple is said to be looking at samples of a new silver nanowire material that can be used in thinner touch panels – and reports, which appeared towards the beginning of May, are suggesting that this could be used in the rumoured 12.9in iPad Pro.

These touch panels are said to be able to detect pressure – effectively enabling Apple to add Force Touch to the iPad. Earlier in May, an AppleInsider source claimed that the iPad Pro will offer Force Touch when it launches.

The rumour comes from Korea IT News, which claims that its sources say that Apple has requested the silver nanowire.

iPad Pro new features: NFC

The iPad Pro will apparently offer NFC – although it’s not thought that this will include Apple Pay functionality.

An Apple Insider source that is “familiar with Apple's future product plans” said including  NFC in the new iPad could allow the iPad “to serve as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay”.

NFC could also enable the device to pair with the rumoured stylus that is being developed for the 12-inch iPad, according to Apple Insider.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus new features: Stylus accessory

In mid-January 2015 the respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicted that Apple would release a new stylus accessory this spring, to sit alongside the iPad Pro. The stylus is expected to be pressure sensitive.

The kneejerk response would be to quote Steve Jobs, who famously once said: "If you see a stylus, they blew it." But this wouldn't be the first time that Cook-era Apple has done something that had appeared verboten under Steve Jobs - and done it successfully. Jobs once quipped about the need to supply sandpaper with mini-tablets in order to file down the user's fingertips, but Apple nevertheless designed and launched the iPad mini to great commercial success.

New rumours in May suggest that the iPad will include NFC which will be used to pair the iPad with the stylus. Although earlier rumours suggested it would pair via Bluetooth.

iPad stylus rumours

Launching a stylus alongside the iPad Pro (or even bundling one with the device) would be a huge statement of intent. It would define usage: at present one of the selling points of the iPad range is that they can be anything to anyone. But a stylus immediately says creative industries, it says painting applications, it says workplace note-taking.

We're not convinced by this one, and it would be a major turnaround for sure. Watch this space is the phrase, I think.

Read more: Apple iPad stylus could point toward business ambitions, bigger tablets.

By the way, the tireless concept illustrator Martin Hajek has come up with some fantastic ideas for how an Apple stylus could look:

iPad Pro release date rumours: Stylus accessory

iPad Pro release date rumours: Stylus accessory

There are lots more to enjoy on Hajek's site (and more of his illustrations in the photos and videos section below).

iPad Pro/iPad Plus new features: Voice calls

One new feature coming to the iPad could be voice calls. With Android tablets are now shipping with voice call capabilities, and a report from IDC suggesting that these tablets with cellphone calling capabilities are gaining traction in Asia, Apple may be considering adding voice calling capabilities to the new iPad.

However, this may be too little, too late, with phablets already cannibalising sales of tablets, due in part to the fact that consumers can make voice calls on them.

Whether people would actually make a voice call on a tablet remains to be seen. While we can't see too many people holding a tablet up to their ear (think of the Dom Joly sketch), it is feasible that they could use headphones and speak that way.

Investors Business Diary quotes IDC analyst Avinash Sundaram, who said in a report: "Tablets that allow voice calls over cell networks have been around for a while now, as the first generation of Samsung Tabs did have that option, albeit only activated through a Bluetooth headset. This segment has seen a surge in terms of both shipments and vendors since the beginning of this year, with shipments reaching close to 50% by share of overall markets in some emerging countries, India and Indonesia being two great examples."

iPad Pro/iPad Plus leaked photos, concept images and videos

Before the launch of any significant Apple product, you can expect to see a crescendo of image leaks, most of them emerging from the tough-to-regulate hardware supply chain - assembly lines and factories. (Some will be real, but some will be unconvincing fakes.) And before these appear, budding product designers will try their hand at concept illustrations, creating 3D renders to show how they expect the device to look. (See also: The 10 weirdest Apple concept art designs.)

In other words, you're going to get plenty of chances to see the iPad Pro before it's actually unveiled. This is the part of the article where we post leaked images (giving our verdict on how genuine they look), interesting concept illustrations and video footage as and when it appears.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Leaked photos of a 'dummy iPad Pro'

These tiny photos, supposedly leaked from Apple's supply chain, appeared on the Chinese mico-blogging site Weibo and were then published by the Dutch site vandaagapple.nl. It was originally claimed that they show a dummy prototype of the iPad Pro, but like the rest of the tech media we're pretty sceptical. Still, see what you reckon:

iPad Pro/iPad Plus release date rumours: Leaked photos

The obvious talking point here is what looks like a USB-C port - or, just possibly, an unusually long and thin Lightning port - on the side of the device. USB-C is the initialism on everyone's lips after the launch of the 12-inch MacBook, and could open up the possibility of connecting the iPad Pro to non-proprietary wired peripherals, which would go down well in a business environment.

There aren't any photos in this set of the bottom of the iPad, unfortunately, so there's no telling if the USB-C replaces Lightning, or supplements it.

It's generally felt that these are probably fakes, so don't get too excited.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Leaked photos of 'iPad Pro cases'

Sonny Dickson, the man that leaked photos of various iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S components before their respective launch dates has struck again, this time with the iPad Pro in his sights. Fortunately for Apple, Dickson hasn’t posted images of the iPad Pro itself but instead cases that are designed for the device. 

If genuine, these can offer some clues about the design of the iPad Pro itself, as well as giving hints of how soon we can expect the iPad Pro to launch (in other words, if things have got as far as third parties working up accessory designs, there shouldn't be long to go - that is, unless the manufacturers are simply creating cases for for speculative sizes of iPad that may or may not be built). Take a look:

What's interesting is that while the design seems to be largely the same as the iPad Air 2, there are some subtle differences; namely with the speaker positioning. Traditionally, the iPad speaker has always been found on the bottom of the device but if you look carefully at the leaked images, you’ll see two holes at the bottom and two at the top, possibly meaning that the iPad Pro could come with up to four stereo speakers. 

These leaked photos should be taken with a pinch of salt though. The case could be a prototype that’s based on rumours, giving the company a head start if/when Apple announces the iPad Pro.

There are also a handful of images of another leaked case, with holes in the same places:

The French site nowhereelse.fr has also come up with some more iPad Pro-related leaks: two sets of photos that purport to show pre-release designs of protective cases for the iPad Pro.

Take a look for yourself:

iPad Pro release date rumours: Protective cases

This one and the one below was passed to nowhereeelse.fr by a "loyal mole". The photo above shows a size comparison of the iPad Pro case with a case for the iPad Air 2.

iPad Pro release date rumours: Protective cases

In the picture above you can see a cutout next to the rear-facing camera aperture. One site has speculated that this could be for a flash, but it strikes us as more likely to be for the microphone hole, assuming it's in the same location as on the iPad Air 2.

iPad Pro release date rumours: Protective cases

This shot is a little more mysterious, thanks to the sheer number of unexplained gaps and cutouts: particularly the one on the left and the four at the top and bottom. Could this be a another sign of quad speakers?

"Note the presence of the four gaps cut on bottom and top of the hull not obstructed," the site says [via Google Translate]. "The four tablet speakers."

It also speculates about the possibility of a second Lightning port, or an opening to access the SIM tray. But it's possible that the case is simply an unfinished prototype.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Brilliant concept illustrations by Martin Hajek

Martin Hajek, a regular of the Apple illustration scene, has turned his attention to the iPad Pro. As well as some designs for the rumoured Apple stylus that some expect to launch with (or alongside) the iPad Pro - which we've posted in the features section above - Hajek has come up some brilliant new illustrations of the Pro itself:

iPad Pro release date rumours: Concept illustrations by Martin Hajek

iPad Pro release date rumours: Concept illustrations by Martin Hajek

These first two show the iPad Pro alongside the rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air that we hope to see in the next few months.

iPad Pro release date rumours: Concept illustrations by Martin Hajek

iPad Pro release date rumours: Concept illustrations by Martin Hajek

And the two images above show the iPad Pro alongside the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, its smaller cousins.

Great stuff as ever by Martin Hajek. There are plenty more where these came from - enjoy the rest of the set on his site.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Leaked image of iPad Pro prototype shows four speakers

A new leaked image of the iPad Pro (or perhaps we should say an alleged leaked image of the iPad Pro) has emerged, and there's a bombshell to be digested if it's genuine: from the looks of the image (and based on the tale that came with the leak), the iPad Pro is going to feature four speakers.

iPad Pro rumours and leaked images

(If the watermark on the image doesn't make it clear enough, this story was broken by the French-language site nowhereelse.fr.)

The site says the image was leaked by someone who works in a Foxconn factory, and indicates that they have a reliable track record for providing accurate information. They add:

"The author of this photo was unfortunately not able to provide me with the exact dimensions of the hull but still says its thickness would be between 6.9 and 7.5mm, confirming in passing the presence of four integrated speakers on her and senior tranches.

"Remains to be seen if the eavesdropper is responsible for this leak is telling the truth. In the past, this individual is particularly reliable in case shown."

That's been run through Google Translate, by the way.

The image shows the upper-right corner and back of the iPad Pro case, including openings for the volume buttons, power/sleep button and rear-facing camera. There's also clearly openings for a speaker, and given that previous iPads have had their speakers on the bottom of the device this does support the claim that the iPad Pro will feature top and bottom speakers. If each of these are stereo, that would make four in total.

(The iPad Air 2 has twin speaker units at the bottom of its chassis, but they are so close together that the stereo effect is minimal.) 

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Concept video comparing a mocked-up iPad Pro with other Apple devices

If you're wondering what a 12.2-inch iPad Pro would be like to use, take a look at this concept video by a company called Canoopsy. The video compares a mock-up iPad Pro, measuring 12 inches by 8.7 inches and featuring a 12.2-inch screen, with a range of other Apple devices, from the various iPhones currently available to the iPad mini, an iPad Air and a 13-inch MacBook.

iPad Pro release date rumours and leaked images

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: First 'leaked image' of an iPad Pro aluminium dummy

The first 'leaked image' of the iPad Pro - or rather, an image of an aluminium dummy unit that the actual prototype would be based on - has emerged on the Chinese social network Weibo. Here's the 'iPad Pro' in all its glory:

iPad Pro leaked image from Weibo - credit to www.weibo.com/u/1658842634

The first point that needs to be made is that this hasn't been verified by official sources, and wouldn't be tough to fake, so it may not be genuine. The second is that clearly this isn't what the iPad Pro would like even if it is genuine; this would only give us an idea of the size of the device and the broadest of design touches: the placement of the camera, the shape of the chassis and so on.

(We know that Apple's design team habitually create dummy models of new products in a range of sizes - usually from foam, as I understand it, although aluminium would work too - so this could easily be one of several sizes Apple is considering.)

Nevertheless, it's one more clue to add to the puzzle. As corroboration arrives in other leaked images, we'll get a better idea of what we're dealing with - and if it even exists.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Concept illustrations of iPad Pro by Ramotion

That's our only leaked photo so far, but plenty of designers have come up with 'concept illustrations' of the iPad Pro - how they'd make the thing look if they got a job with Jony Ive's team, in other words.

Design agency Ramotion are the latest firm to take a shot at the iPad Pro, releasing stunning concept illustrations to show how they envisage a product that sits halfway between the iPad Air and the MacBook Pro.

iPad Pro concept illustration by Ramotion

Ramotion's iPad Pro is based around a pair of A7 processor chips and a 12.9-inch (4096x3072) screen.

iPad Pro concept illustration by Ramotion

Ingeniously, it conceals the rear-facing camera inside the Apple logo...

iPad Pro concept illustration by Ramotion

...and uses three cameras to offer 3D video calling and eye tracking. There are even four speakers on the corners of the device for surround-sound audio. Would that be practical? We're not sure.

iPad Pro concept illustration by Ramotion

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Concept video of iPad Pro multitasking

One of the most intriguing ideas proposed by Ramotion - albeit one that has been used by rivals such as Samsung on existing larger-screen tablets - is the ability to multitask between two apps side by side.

"In the horizontal orientation you can work directly with two applications as if you put two iPad minis next to each other," the firm says. "Intuitive gestures make your work much more pleasant and efficient!"

iPad Pro concept illustration by Ramotion

iPad Pro concept animation by Ramotion

All images and animations by Ramotion. They're absolutely stunning - check out the full set here.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus images and videos: Design concept images and video of Mac OS X-based iPad Pro 13

The Italian design company SET Solutions has created a CGI video of a product concept it calls the 'iPad Pro 13'. Unlike all existing iPads, the iPad Pro 13 is based on Apple's Mac OS X desktop operating system rather than iOS, suggesting that its creators envision it being marketed at business users. Part of the time, the user in the video is controlling the iPad Pro with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

iPad Pro concept render by SET Solutions

iPad Pro concept video by SET Solutions

We'd stress that this is only a concept render, rather than a real product, but it serves as an interesting exploration of how such a design would work.

The firm says: "Here's our CG iPad Pro (13 inches screen) with Apple OS X as operative system! Now you can take your works wherever you want!

"The new iPad Pro is really powerful, with a bigger Retina display, and with a desktop OS: all your favourite programs in a 13-inch table… cool, right?"

Here's the iPad Pro concept video:

Why Apple needs a bigger iPad

Bloomberg suggest that the larger iPad will be popular with the enterprise market. Apple’s partnership with IBM, announced in July, will address this enterprise market which Apple CEO Tim Cook described as “a catalyst for future iPad growth”.

According to IDC, businesses, schools and governments are set to become big customers for tablets, and the larger tablets are expected to “do better” in these markets, IDC’s Jitesh Ubrani told Bloomberg.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Apple would deny that it creates products in reaction to launches by its rivals, but the success or failure of an iPad Pro would be influenced by the state of the market. And that has changed with yesterday's (20th May's) unveiling of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft is aiming its new Surface Pro 3 at people who want the portability of a tablet but want to be able to carry out tasks that require a machine with power that matches that of a laptop - which is exactly the sort of device and customer base most of us envision for the iPad Pro. Apple could face an incumbent market occupier before the iPad Pro even launches, assuming that the Surface Pro 3 can convince buyers to get on board.

The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft's latest attempt to claim credibility in the tablet market, and by all accounts has the specs and the features to stand up to the iPad line-up. The real struggle could be persuading third-party app developers to work for this platform on top of - or even instead of - iOS and Android. Whether Microsoft can win this battle remains to be seen.

We've compared the Surface Pro 3 with the iPad Air in a separate article: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Air comparison. But will the iPad Pro be a closer rival to Microsoft's new tablet, its specs and features and target market? That might just depend on how well the Pro 3 sells, regardless of Apple's protestations.

iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: What big-screen tablets will the iPad Pro be competing with?

There are already some bigger Android tablets available, including the Archos 116 with an 11.6in screen and the 12in Toshiba Excite 13, and two 12.2in tablets from Samsung. But tablets that large are not among the most popular devices at the moment. Then again, perhaps Apple's iPad Pro could change all that.

Plus, if speculation proves to be correct, Apple's iPad Pro could be competing with laptop-tablet hybrids, such as Acer's Aspire V5 Touch and Microsoft's Surface Pro, which takes a detachable keyboard approach. We can expect many more laptops to launch with touchscreens in the future, too, as Intel's Ultrabook specification now lists touchscreen as a requirement.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: Is there a market for a more powerful iPad?

There's one big down side to this theory. The main thing the MacBook Pro offers over the MacBook Air is power: it's a faster machine capable of handling more demanding tasks, and compromises on portability - and costs more - to achieve this. Yet while we can imagine an iPad Pro being less portable than the iPad Air (nearly everything is less portable than the iPad Air) it's harder to imagine it being more powerful, or even there being any reason to want such a device.

Because the iPad Air is exceptionally powerful for a mobile device - indeed, in our reviews of the iPad Air we've repeatedly stressed that most users won't see anything like the speed gains promised when using it, for the simple reason that most apps don't need that kind of welly. Even the iPad 3 and 4 can happily run virtually anything on the App Store, and the iPad Air's power is more about insuring yourself against the more demanding apps that will be released in future.

Infinity Blade 3

Infinity Blade 3: One of the most graphically demanding games on the App Store, but less high-powered devices than the iPad Air can cope with it. So why would the iPad Pro need to be any more powerful? 

Chances of a more powerful iPad Pro: If this is all the iPad Pro offers, it's on to a loser, since the iPad Air is as powerful as an iPad needs to be right now. This is a very long shot, unless tied in with further benefits, and even then it seems unnecessary.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: A bigger-screen iPad

A more realistic option for an iPad Pro would simply be to give it a larger screen.

Many pundits, including our colleague Ted Landau in his article 'Envisioning an iPad Pro', have discussed a screen size of 12.9in, which would create a neat progression of sizes from iPad mini to iPad Pro: 7.9in, 9.7in, 12.9in.

But would anyone want an iPad with a bigger screen? That's debatable, although the amount of interest around the idea online suggests that such a device wouldn't struggle for attention. And there's a huge current market of laptop users who have resisted making the switch to a tablet and could be convinced if there was more screen space available.

On the other hand, the success of the iPad mini points in the other direction, suggesting that if anything, the average user would happily settle for less screen space than the full-sized iPad currently offers, in return for greater portability and a lower price tag.

Chances of a bigger-screen iPad Pro: Moderate. The launch of the iPad mini (and its subsequent success) showed that Apple is less afraid of product fragmentation than it was under Steve Jobs, and while we think a big-screen iPad would appeal to a smaller audience than that, Apple could probably convince more laptop users to make the switch.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: Will Apple make a touchscreen MacBook or MacBook/iPad hybrid?

A third option for the iPad Pro would be for Apple to create a device that's a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet.

Yet Apple CEO Tim Cook has famously dismissed the idea of a MacBook/iPad hybrid. During a financial earnings conference call in April 2012, Cook said that consumers simply won't be interested in buying or using a machine that is a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet.

"I think… anything can be forced to converge," said Cook. "But the problem is that products are about trade-offs, and you begin to make trade-offs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day doesn't please anyone. You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user."

For this reason, Cook claimed that Apple would never converge the MacBook Air and the iPad, because too many compromises would be necessary and the two types of products are used too differently.

"You wouldn't want to put these things together because you end up compromising in both and not pleasing either user. Some people will prefer to own both, and that's great too. But to make the compromise of convergence, we're not going to that party," Cook added.

But what if, in the two years since Cook dismissed the idea, Apple has come up with a way to avoid tradeoffs and create something that's as powerful as a MacBook but as portable and touch-based as an iPad?

Cook's comments sparked speculation at the time from some industry analysts who believed that Cook thinks the hybrid market could be very strong, and that he might have reason to want to tear down a market that has a lot of potential.

"I think it was kind of a funny slam," said Charles King, an analyst with Pund-IT. "For the chief executive of a company that has pursued some pretty unconventional design points along the way and done pretty well, I'd think he'd be more open to this hybrid idea. The issue is if a successful tablet/laptop hybrid ever did come out, it would constitute a fairly significant challenge to Apple."

During the financial results conference call for the first quarter of 2014, Cook promised that Apple is continuing to innovate behind the scenes, and that we should expect to see the launch of an Apple product that enters new territory for the company. Most suspect Cook is talking about an iTV or iWatch, but perhaps Apple is working on a tablet/laptop hybrid after all.

ReadWrite's Dave Smith highlights that, while Apple executives have dismissed the idea of OS X becoming more like iOS, they haven't written off the idea of an iPad running a OS X.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: The benefits of a tablet/laptop hybrid

Laptop/tablet hybrids started to garner some attention and excitement during 2012's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with chip maker Intel and Lenovo unveiling hybrid ultrabooks that can be flipped around to look and act like a tablet.

They're looking to hook users on a hybrid experience, combining the flexible ease-of-use of a touchscreen tablet with a full-keyboarded laptop.

"Apple has succeeded at keeping those types of functionality away from one another," said King. "The idea of a hybrid is a very different kind of world view. Whenever I see an executive jump all over something… it's because it's what they feat the most or see as the biggest threat. [Cook's] comments reflect the size of the threat that he sees."

Jack Gold, an analyst with J. Gold Associates, sees potential in the hybrid market - something that has to be sending up warning flags at Apple, which has found so much success by eating up most of the lucrative tablet market.

"So of course, the Apple CEO would like to set the impression that a convertible is not a threat to the market," Gold added.

New touchscreen PCs are a threat to the iPad, analyst

However, not everyone thought Cook was simply trying to throw cold water on hybrids.

Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, said Cook has a lot of experience in picking hot coming trends and he simply may not appreciate the value-add of a hybrid. "Cook has passionate opinions about what consumers would want and not want and their track record speaks for itself," he said. "I don't believe he is overtly poisoning the well on hybrids, but that could be an unintended consequence.

"According to Tim Cook, if Apple doesn't sell it, consumers don't want it," Moorhead said.

He thinks the hybrids could have a bright future, one that diminishes the iPad.

"Hybrids will take business away from the iPad," he said. "Many consumers who would have purchased an iPad will instead buy a hybrid. They desire the sexiness of the tablet and the common sense of the small notebook, all in the same package."

So Apple won't be making a touchscreen MacBook?

Actually, we're not so sure. In April 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook defended the company's iconic Mac line after it saw a second consecutive decline in sales during the quarter. "I don't think this [personal computer] market is dead or a bad market by any means," he said. "I think it has a lot of life to it. We are going to continue to innovate in it."

"We're going to continue making the best personal computers," Cook continued. "We've got some more great stuff planned, so this is an area we're continuing to invest in."

Plus, despite Cook's comments that a MacBook and iPad hybrid product would be like combining a fridge and a toaster, Apple has filed a patent for such device.

Top 10 hybrid gadgets to rival the toaster-fridge

The patent describes a device that has a touchscreen display that can be removed from the keyboard and trackpad-equipped base, and can also be rotated when attached to the base.

Additionally, power could be wirelessly transferred from the base component to the detached display.

A second patent filed by Apple in February 2013 suggests that Apple may use the in-cell touch display technology found in the iPhone for a future MacBook, too.

Let's not forget that Apple actually did make a touchscreen laptop 17 years ago. It was the eMate 300, a translucent clamshell portable which ran Apple's Newton PDA operating system. Ok, so it's far from the touchscreen MacBook we'd expect to see from Apple, but it's interesting nonetheless.


So, whether the new iPad Pro is a combination of a MacBook and iPad or simply a bigger, more powerful iPad, rumours about the device flooded in as 2014 arrived. Read on for iPad Pro release date rumours, as well as speculation about possible features of the new iPad.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus features

Barclays Capital analyst Ben A. Reitzes said in October 2013 that Apple's move to a 64-bit architecture with the iPhone 5s, iPad mini and iPad Air could hint that Apple is working to develop iOS for a bigger, more powerful iPad. But what features will this bigger iPad have?

Analyst Patrick Wang believes that the iPad Pro will be powered by an A8 processor. Although, as we mentioned above, there's reason to question whether the iPad Pro would need a more advanced processor than the iPad Air?

Ted Landau floats the idea that the iPad Pro could have greater connectivity than the Air, with Thunderbolt and USB connections enabling business users and former laptop users to add on portable scans and similar accessories.

And of course, as with all rumoured iOS devices, we have to mention the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It was a surprise when this wasn't added to the iPad Air, having appeared in the iPhone 5s, and would be both a logical addition and a nice differentiator from the Air. A few Apple fans might be persuade to upgrade for that alone.

Big-screen iPad rumours: What size of display will the iPad Pro/iPad Plus have?

As mentioned earlier, the general consensus seems to be that a big-screen iPad Pro would probably have a 12.9in display.

Reports since as far back as July 2013 have pointed to a screen size around the 13in mark. The Wall Street Journal cited "officials at Apple's suppliers" in its report that claimed Apple was testing screens measuring almost 13 inches diagonally.

Then, in November 2013, reports that Apple was working on a bigger iPad resurfaced, again suggesting a 12.9in screen is coming to Apple's tablet soon. The Korea Times cited sources from a "first-tier" Apple supplier in a report claiming that a 12.9in Retina display was being made in factories in Korea.

There has been talk of an 11.4in model, too, though we've only seen one report that suggests this so it seems less likely.

In October, trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is planning to launch a 12in laptop that will be as portable as the 11in MacBook Air but as productive as the 13in MacBook Pro, and will "redefine laptop computing". Perhaps Kuo was referring to the iPad Pro.

What resolution will the iPad Pro/iPad Plus have? 

Another display-related iPad Pro question is the resolution. As mentioned above, there's talk of two separate iPad Pro models. The first has been described as 2K, which would mean a resolution similar to that of the iPad Air and iPad mini 2, which have 2,048 by 1,536 pixel screens.

The second is described as 4K, which would mean there are around 4,000 pixels along the longest side of the display (4K Ultra HD TVs normally have 3840 x 2160 resolutions).

According to a report in November from The Korea Times, sources say that Apple's iPad Pro will boast an "ultra high-definition" picture quality, which could also suggest a 4K display.

In January 2014, research firm DisplaySearch suggested that Apple is testing a 12.9in display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, which means a pixel density of 265ppi. Apple's iPad Air has a 264ppi display, and when it comes to competing 12in tablets, Samsung's new devices have 247ppi displays.

Those rumours have been supported by code spotted in iOS 9, which reveals that the software update will support displays with a resolution of 2,732 x 2,048, so that's the resolution we'd put our money on.

How much will the iPad Pro/iPad Plus cost?

We've not heard much speculation about the cost of the bigger iPad, but Ben A. Reitzes thinks it could start at around $650 (£450).

In general Apple tries to release new iOS devices at close to (and quite often exactly the same as) their predecessors' prices. If Apple follows that policy with the iPad 6 we would expect it to match the iPad Air's pricing: starting at £399, and topping out at £739 for the 3G-equipped, 128GB model. But in the case of a bigger-screen iPad Pro, a higher price is more likely, to take account for the additional manufacturing challenges, more powerful battery and so on.

The difference between the starting iPad Air and starting iPad mini Retina is £80, and those two tablets are separated by 2.2in of diagonal screen size and little else. It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect a 12in-or-so iPad Pro to cost about £80 more than the equivalent iPad Air - and thus start at £479.

iPad mini Retina

Other iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours

According to DigiTimes, Apple has turned to Taiwan-based Quanta Computer to manufacture the bigger iPad. However the report suggests that Quanta expects to "encounter several challenges" when it comes to building the bigger iPad, which could cause limited supply of the tablet upon launch.

It's believed Apple has been growing increasingly interested in launching a bigger iPad because the company expects tablets to eventually replace PCs.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus rumours: conclusion

We're still not convinced that a bigger iPad is on its way, but you can never say never. After all, Steve Jobs once said that a smaller iPad would be dead on arrival, but then Apple launched the iPad mini and it flew off the shelves.

But do we really need a bigger iPad? We're not so sure. What are your thoughts on the possibility of an iPad Pro? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus launch date: Will the iPad Pro launch at the Apple Watch event on 9 March?

UPDATE, 10 March: As we predicted (sorry to blow our own trumpets) the iPad Pro didn't get a mention at the Apple Watch launch event.

There's a chance (although we'd call it a long shot) that the iPad Pro/iPad Plus will be announced at the Apple Watch launch event on 9 March. We consider the various products that could get a mention at the event in a separate article - How to watch the Apple Watch event, and what to expect - but we can offer a brief spoiler here about a certain big-screened tablet.

Timing-wise, it fits. And in terms of a big media splash, it fits: Apple has already announced the Apple Watch, remember, which means that Monday's event risks turning into a ho-hum reiteration of the features followed by pricing and launch dates. Slipping in the iPad Pro as a 'One more thing...' would turn a functional event into a blockbuster.

iPad Pro/iPad Plus launch date rumours: Apple Watch event

But we still think it's unlikely. Mainly because this event is going to be all about Apple entering a new business sector (wearables) and targeting a new audience/media demographic (fashion). A lot of the people covering the event, and most of the journalists and celebrities in pride of place, are going to be fashion people. They want to know about the new look. And while the iPad Pro wouldn't be as big of a turn-off for American Vogue as, I don't know, a new version of Mac OS X Server, it's not a fashion product - in fact, there's a good chance it will be a business-targeted device, the result of Apple and IBM's collaborative assault on the enterprise.

So I'm not sure the iPad Pro is going to piggyback on the Apple Watch's debut. In some ways it would make sense, but it would take some phenomenal stage management from Apple to make those two things work as part of the same event and in front of that crowd. I think it's coming, and soon, but not quite yet.