Apple gets in the Christmas spirit every year and gives away iOS apps, music, films and books. The 12 Days of Christmas promotion has run every year in the UK since 2008 and both the UK and US from last year, renamed 12 Days of Gifts. Apple is expected to continue this tradition this Christmas, though there have been some rumours to suggest otherwise. Here, we bring you everything you need to know about Apples 12 Days of Gifts promotion 2014/2015.

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What is Apple's 12 Days of Christmas/12 days of Gifts?

The 12 Days of Christmas/12 Days of Gifts promotion runs from Boxing Day, 26 December until 6 January - with each gift only available for 24 hours.

Previous 12 Days of Christmas giveaways have included feature length movies, short films, music videos, episodes of popular TV shows, apps including games, books and more. See also: Best free iPhone apps

The promotion is accompanied by a dedicated app for iOS, which reveals the new gift each day and provides a direct link to that gift for you to download for free. The gifts are kept secret by Apple until the day they become available so we don't yet know what Apple has got planned for us this year.

In fact, there's some doubt surrounding the whole promotion this year, which we are hoping is completely wrong. RazorianFly's Arron Hirst has suggested that Apple may this year be a Scrooge by not running its popular 12 Days of Gifts promotion at all.

We'd usually have seen the 12 Days of Gifts app update for the year by now, so that's where the doubt stems from, but Apple has still got time. After all, the promotion doesn't start until 26 December.

Hirst points out in his report that Apple skipped the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, despite offering discounts on those days in previous years, so may decide to do the same for 12 Days of Christmas.

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What did Apple give away last year?

26 December – Day one of the 2013 twelve days of Christmas giveaway started with a live Justin Timberlake track.

 27 December – the free download was an episode of BBC's Africa wildlife show.

28 December – the third day of Christmas saw Apple give away an The Ice Princess, a book by Camilla Lackberg.

29 December – The kids app, Toca House, was the 12 days of Christmas giveaway on the fourth day of Christmas 2013. See also: Best iOS apps for kids

30 December- Apple gave away the Home Alone movie!

31 December - Apple's free 12 Days of Christmas giveaway continued with a New Year's Eve mix by Avicii.

1 January – Apple gave away Rayman Jungle Run.

2 January – Apple's free 12 Days of Christmas giveaway continued with a book: Pictures of Lily by Paige Toon.

3 January – Apple's download on January 3 was a collection of six live Tom Odell tracks.

4 January – The giveaway on the 10th day of Christmas Despicable Me: Minion Madness

5 January – On the 11th day of Christmas Apple gave to me: Mr Crab game by Illusion Labs.

6 January - Apple's free 12 Days of Gifts giveaway for Christmas 2013 concluded with a collection of Rolling Stones tracks recorded live in Hyde Park.