Apple gets in the Christmas spirit every year and gives away iOS apps, music, films and books. The 12 Days of Christmas promotion has run every year in the UK since 2008 and Apple will continue this tradition this Christmas, but this year it will also offer freebees to customers in the US as well as the UK. This year the promotion has been renamed "12 Days of Gifts".

If you are running iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad go to the 12 Days of Gifts app; tap View Gift, and then follow the links to download it.

If you aren't running iOS 7 and even if you don't have an iPhone or iPad, you can still get the free gifts. You can download the tracks from iTunes on your Mac or PC - you will find the relevant link to each day's giveaway in the sections below. 

Giveaways are generally available for 24 hours. 

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Twelve, 6 January: The Rolling Stones Live in Hyde Park

The final giveaway in this year's 12 Days of Gifts is a collection of Rolling Stones tracks recorded Live in Hyde Park last year. 

Tracks include Beast of Burden, Tumbling Dice and Doom & Gloom, ammounting to 13 and a half minutes of Rolling Stones.

If you aren't running iOS 7, or don't have the 12 Days of Gifts app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can download The Rolling Stones Live in Hyde Park here.

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Eleven, 5 January: Mr Crab

The penultimate giveaway in Apple's 12 days of gifts is Mr Crab, a game from Illusion Labs. It's described as a "super fast archade game with a twist". Judging from the reviews it's popular with some children, but there are also a lot of disapointed customers. 

You can download Mr Crab here, it's still free (as of 6 January).

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Ten, 4 January: Despicable Me: Minion Madness

The free gift for day 10 is a short film based on the characters from Despicable Me (6 minutes long). The mini movie captures the further adventures of the Minions in various sketches. We love 'Banana' the best. 

You can download Despicable Me:Minion Madness here, although now it costs £3.99.

The best bit is that the US gets a rubbish episode of Sesame Street. 

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Nine, 3 January: Tom Odell Live

Day nine's giveaway in Apple's 12 Days of Gifts (or 12 Days of Christmas) campaign was a collection of 6 tracks from Tom Odell recorded live. The tracks include audio and video versions of Can't Pretent, Another Love, and Grow Old With Me.   

Tom Odell is a British singer who won the BRITs critics choice award in 2013. He released his debut single Another Love in 2012. 

The single now costs £8.64, and you can download Tom Odel Live here.

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Eight, 2 January: Pictures of Lily by Paige Toon

For many of us today is the first day back in the office, so for the commute to work why not download today's free gift from Apple, Pictures of Lily, by Paige Toon.  

You can download Pictures of Lily here. You can also read Pictures of Lily on your Mac. Mavericks is required to read an iBook on a Mac, previously iBooks could only be read on iOS devices. For more about iBooks on the Mac read our 26 tips for getting the most out of iBooks on a Mac. 

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Seven, 1 January: Rayman Jungle Run

Apple made this game one of its App Store Best of 2012 and on the first day of 2014 it gave it away for free.  You can still download Rayman Jungle Run fro free here but it now costs £1.99

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Six, 31 December: New Year's Eve Mix, Avicii

Day six happened to be New Year's Eve, and Apple gave away a New Year's Eve mix by Swedish producer Avicii. 

The mini mix includes You Make Me, Hey Brother and I Could Be The One. You can download the New Year's Eve Mix here, but it's no longer free. 

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Five, 30 December: Home Alone

The giveaway for the 30 December was Home Alone, directed by Chris Columbus and staring a young Macaulay Culkin. 

Before middnight on 30 December you could have downloaded your Free Copy of Home Alone here. The download also includes iTunes Extras so you can hang out with Culkin on a behind the scenes tour of the film along with deleted scenes and outtakes. To get this bonus content go to the iTunes Store on your computer and it will download the Bonus Content for Home Alone here.


In the US today's giveaway is Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese. 

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Four, 29 December: Toca House

Sunday's giveaway was for the kids, you can even use it to drop a few hints to them about tidying up the post Christmas mess. In the Toca House game you help the five characters do chores around the house - download Toca House here. It now costs £1.99 again.

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Three, 28 December: The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

Apple's third Christmas giveaway was a novel by Swedish crime writer, Camilla Lackberg. The Ice Princess is the first book in a series which features Patrick Hedstrom and Erica Falck. Other books in the series include: The Preacher, The Stone Cutter, The Stranger and The Hidden Child.  

You could also download The Ice Princess here and read it on a Mac. Mavericks is required to read an iBook on a Mac, previously iBooks could only be read on iOS devices. For more about iBooks on the Mac read our 26 tips for getting the most out of iBooks on a Mac. 

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day Two, 27 December: free Africa episode Kalahari still available

[This episode of Africa is still free, follow the instructions below]

Apple gave away an episode from the BBC's Africa series on Friday 28 December. The episode being given away was Kalahari, and by some unfortunate coincidence this episode actually aired on BBC 2 that morning! (So it is available on iPlayer)

If that's not disappointing enough, due to a glitch when View Gift was selected in the 12 Days of Gifts app, the iTunes Store page users were taken to was the page to download the whole series for £12.99 (the episode would be worth £2.49). We suspect that many would have been put of by the fact that it appeared that they needed to pay for their 'gift'. Some may even have accidentally done so. 

Indeed, we now know that some people did end up paying £12.99 but according to some readers the money has been refunded to them. 

It is still possible to get the Kalihari episode for free from Apple though (at least on 28 and 29 December it was). Users just needed to tap on Kalahari at the top of the list of episodes, and eventually a Free button would appear. 

Alternatively access the free Africa episode on a Mac or PC here. It now costs £2.49 for the episode.

In the US the free gift for 27 December was an episode of Once Upon A Time.

12 Days of Gifts 2013 - Day One: How to download Justin Timberlake London 2013 Single 

Apple's first giveaway was a Justin Timberlake single recorded at the London iTunes Festival this year. The download includes four tracks: SexyBack, Take Back the Night, True Blood, and TKO. 

If you wanted to download it you had until midnight on Boxing Day to do so. 

Can I still download the first 12 days of Gifts track?

Apple made the first 12 days of Christmas gift available early. Lorde's single: 'No Better' and music video 'Royals' were given away by Apple as "a gift to get you started" in mid December.

Apple made the track available through the 12 Days of Gifts app and on the iTunes Store on Sunday 15 December, however that track is no longer available to download. 

For each 12 Days of Gifts promotion you will have just 24 hours to download the gift. Although in the case of the Lorde tracks these were available for longer. 

This means that if you didn't download a freebee on the day Apple promoted it, you've missed your chance. 

However, the episode of Africa released for free on 28 December was still available for free the following day, perhaps because Apple had made it so difficult to get it for free that people failed to download it within the 24 hour period. 

What is Apple's 12 Days of Christmas/ 12 days of Gifts

The 12 Days of Christmas promotion runs from Boxing Day, 26 December until 6 January - with each gift only available for 24 hours.

Previous 12 Days of Christmas giveaways have included feature length movies, short films, music videos, episodes of popular TV shows, apps including games, books and more.

How can I get free apps, music, movies and books from Apple

You can download each app on your iPad or iPhone. Apple notes: "To access these gifts, the Region Format setting on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch needs to match your iTunes Store account."

There is also a 12 Days of Christmas app to download. The official Apple 12 Days of Gifts app (renamed this year to remove the reference to Christmas!)  is now available to download from Apple.

I can't download the 12 days of Gifts app because I'm on iOS 6 what can I do? 

It appears that the 12 days of Gifts app isn't available to anyone running iOS 6 on their iOS device. However, that shouldn't stop you from downloading any of the giveaways, as long as they work in iOS 6. 

Just go to iTunes each day and look for the apps being promoted. For example, the track that Apple is currently giving away is available here.

We’ll be updating this story with the freebees as they get released, so you’ll be able to find the links here.

What will Apple be giving away for the rest of the 12 days of gifts promotion?

We don't know for sure what Apple will give away, tune in to find out. In the meantime a glance at what Apple gave away last year may give you some hints.

What did Apple give away last year?

26 December – Day one of the 2012 twelve days of Christmas giveaway started with a Maroon 5 EP.  It included Moves Like Jagger (Soul Seekerz Club Mix), One More Night (Cutmore Club Remix) and a making-of video for Moves Like Jagger.

27 December – the free download was Score! Classic Goals

28 December – the third day of Christmas saw Apple give away an episode of Sherlock

29 December - Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes was the 12 days of Christmas giveaway on the fourth day of Christmas 2012

30 December- Apple gave away three tracks by Ed Sheeran, recorded at the iTunes Festival

31 December - Apple's free 12 Days of Christmas giveaway continued with Sonic The Hedgehog and the game Sonic Jump, available free for 24 hours

1 January – Apple gave away Disney's Toy Story Toons, a bundle of two short films from Pixar

2 January – Apple's free 12 Days of Christmas giveaway continued with Ken Follett best selling novel The Pillars of the Earth

3 January – Apple's download on January 3 was a festive EP from The XX. The xxmas EP included Sunset (Jamie xx Edit) and two videos - Angels (Live in Tokyo) and Chained.

4 January – The giveaway on the 10th day of Christmas was The Photo Cookbook - Quick & Easy

5 January – On the 11th day of Christmas Apple gave to me: a One Direction Little Things video 

6 January - Apple's free 12 Days of Christmas giveaway for Christmas 2012 concluded with the Shark Dash game from Gameloft