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iPhone 6 leaked images

Since April, photographs of iPhone 6 dummy models and physical mockups have arrived on the web almost every day, and it seems like there's no stopping them. Assuming they're accurate (and they're all very similar so it's likely they could be) we've now got a much better idea of what the iPhone 6 will look like and how big it will be.

All of the dummy models show an iPhone with curved and rounded edges, and an overall design that closely resembles that of the iPad mini and latest iPod touch models.

It also looks like the iPhone's LED flash will be set in a round cutout, and there could also be a slightly protruding rear camera. The power button is also likely to moved to the side of the iPhone, the mockups suggest.

We love this iPhone 6 replica unboxing and hands-on video. Obviously it's not a real iPhone 6 (it's been made clear that we're looking at a replica) but the video has been done really well, showing what it might the iPhone 6 might be like based on the leaked dummy models of the iPhone 6. 

Taiwanese singer, actor and race car driver Jimmy Lin has been spotted on Weibo with what looks like an iPhone 6. He posted a similar photograph on the social media site last year, holding an iPhone 5C that turned out to be accurate, so this could be the real thing. It could equally be fake, of course, but we'll have to wait and see.

iPhone 6 Jimmy Lin

We rather like this photograph of both the 4.7in iPhone 6 and 5.5in iPhone 6 side-by-side (below). They're just mockups, but they're very convincing ones, and we can imagine Apple launching an iPhone 6 that looks like the ones shown here. These photos came from previously accurate blogger Sonny Dickson on Twitter

iPhone 6 5.5in 4.7in front

A new video that emerged on 17 June (above) shows what appears to be those same mockups acquired by Sonny Dickson, but this time in a comparing them with the iPhone 5S. 

Sonny Dickson has been sharing leaked iPhone parts again, this time with 9To5Mac. It has published a series of photos that appear to show both the black and white iPhone 6 glass covers. The photos show the two displays side by side, and also beside the corresponding part found on the current iPhone 5S models.

The bezels don't appear to have changes in size, but the screen is bigger (this is allegedly the 4.7in iPhone's display rather than the 5.5in model) and the holes at the top of the device have been slightly relocated.

The leaked part also appears to be slightly rounded, which would work with the rumoured rounded redesign of the rest of the iPhone 6 chassis.

Yet more photos of an iPhone 6 mockup come from sources in Japan and Korea, showing a Space Grey version of the phone compared with the iPhone 5S and HTC One M8. They look very similar to previous leaks, so add even more evidence to suggest that this is could be the real iPhone 6 design. 

According to Geeksays.com, Apple has asked the blog to remove a photograph from a recent article because it contains images of "unreleased patented property belonging to Apple" and therefore could infringe copyrights.

Whether Geek Says is telling the truth is questionable – it could well be a publicity stunt. But The photograph of the part does look particularly convincing, and fits in with previous rumours and leaked parts.


A new photo of what appears to be the back panel of Apple's iPhone 6 emerged on 8 June on Nowhereelse.fr (below). The panel looks like it's made completely from metal, and spaces for volume buttons and the mute switch appear to be elongated, suggesting a new design for the physical buttons of the iPhone.

The photo also supports the rumours of a relocated lock button from the top to the right of the device.

Like some recent rumours mentioned previously in this article, the photo also shows a cut-out Apple logo, which could mean an illuminated logo is coming to the iPhone.

This render by designer Mustafa Dagdelen is based on leaked parts and mockups, and shows us what the iPhone 6 could look like should those parts be genuine. A video of the render, which you can watch below was posted on ConceptsiPhone on 14 July.

We recently spotted a picture on case-maker Cygnett's website, teasing iPhone 6 cases coming soon. Looking closely at the image used, you can see that the design of the cases looks very similar to the design of the dummy models. We'd consider Cygnett to be a respected case-maker, so it could be that the company has had official dummy models of the iPhone 6 from Apple to allow it to prepare for the launch of the new phone.

A video and photographs showing what appears to be the rear casing of the iPhone 6 have surfaced in Japan, showing the same rounded, unibody design as seen in previous leaks, as well as that cutout for the Apple logo that we think means an illuminated Apple logo is on its way to the iPhone.

In a cracking video from 9To5Mac, the iPhone 6 dummy model has been compared with just about every iOS device. You can see how the iPhone 6 looks next to the iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and iPod touch.

9To5Mac has also compared the iPhone 6 with the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 here.

We're beginning to get pretty convinced that the iPhone 6 mockups that have been appearing could be accurate, and when you see one sitting among Apple's other devices, it becomes even more believable. It's worth noting that these dummy models are in no way claiming to be the finished thing, so expect to see something much more polished when Apple shows it off this year.

Another cracking video from 9To5Mac shows what iOS might look like on a 4.7in iPhone 6. It's actually a Motorola Moto X, which has a 4.7in display, modified to look like the iPhone dummy models we've seen floating around the web.

Read on to see more of the iPhone 6 dummy models and mockups, and other leaked images.

All of the dummy mockups are based on leaked schematics and details that have allegedly come from Apple's suppliers, including Foxconn, from which these schematics reportedly originated.

Here's a mockup of Apple's iPhone 6, this time compared with an iPod touch. If the mockup is accurate, the iPhone 6 could look very similar to the current generation iPod touch, though is expected to be significantly bigger.

These dummy models of the iPhone 6 from 9To5Mac were the first time we'd seen a gold dummy model, which is shown beside the slate grey and silver models, all still in dummy form. It's worth noting that, as these are dummy models, they might not represent the final design, but with the number of models we've iit could well be close to the real deal.

Chinese tech blog 86Digi has shared a video and photos of a physical iPhone 6 mockup that's allegedly based on leaked iPhone 6 schematics from 'supply chain sources'.

The mockup shows a 6mm thin device with a 4.7in display that sports rounded edges and the previously rumoured relocated power button.

Meanwhile, Italian Apple blog Macitynet.it has published photographs that appear to show an iPhone 6 beside the Samsung Galaxy S5. The report claims that the iPhone 6 shown is a "final mockup" of the device, acquired by an "inside source."

It's one of the most convincing iPhone 6 mockups we've seen, and gives a good insight into what we should expect the iPhone 6 to look like. The iPhone 6 appears to be a bit smaller than the Galaxy S5, with a 4.7in display, but it's much closer in dimensions than previous generations of the iPhone have been to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. However, when it comes to the thickness of the devices, Samsung's Galaxy S5 could be 1.6mm thicker than the iPhone 6, which is expected to be just 6mm thick.

Another mockup in this recent string comes from French blog NoWhereElse (below), showing an almost identical dummy model of the rumoured iPhone 6. Again, there's no telling whether these photos are legitimate but if we look back at last year's iPhone launch it was regularly spotted mockups like these that turned out to be completely accurate.


But wait, that's not even the last one! Chinese website Baidu posted new images of a silver iPhone 6 mockup that (again) looks almost identical in dimensions to the previous three listed here.

A video that emerged towards the end of April (below) shows what's rumoured to be an iPhone 6 case made based on the device's new design compared with Apple's iPhone 5S, Google's Nexus 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Not only does the case suggest that the iPhone 6 will be bigger, but also thinner, and with a power button positioned on the side of the device, rather than the top.

Whether or not the case is legitimate, it's still an interesting video to show what a bigger iPhone could look like in comparison to its close rivals and its predecessor.

On 15 April yet another photograph of what appears to be a new iPhone part hit the web. Again from originating from Weibo, the image seems to show a bigger iPhone front panel beside an iPhone 5 for comparison. Other than the size, though, the panel looks very similar to previous generations, which suggests the overall design might not undergo a significant change.

New photographs of what appears to be the schematics, CAD renderings and manufacturing molds for the iPhone 6 have appeared on Chinese microblogging site Wiebo. The photos are believed to have originated from a Foxconn plant manufacturing the new iPhone. 

A second photograph of the mold arrived later, showing an iPhone 4S for size comparison.

Nowhereelse.fr has now used Photoshop to place an example of an iPhone within the mold to help estimate the size of the device it'll be used for (below). According to the publication's calculations, the mold could be used for an iPhone with a 4.7in screen.

Following the predictions from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an impressive track record, NoWhereElse.fr released photographs of what it claims could be the first cases for the new, bigger iPhones (below). However, the report points to a cutout for the rumoured side position of the sleep/wake button, but there's also a cutout on the top, which makes us dubious about the reliability of this leak.


Leaked images that emerged in April (below) show a slimmer iPhone that's so thin that Apple has been forced to leave the camera protruding from the device. We're not convinced that these leaks are legitimate, though, as we can't imagine Apple being happy with such design.

An image of what could be a leaked iPhone 6 display panel emerged at the beginning of March, showing an overall size that matches the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but a borderless, edge-to-edge display that increases the actual screen size. These images, published by French blog nowhereelse.fr, have not been verified as genuine leaks, but they're probably the most convincing we've seen yet.

There's one major flaw, though, and that's the positioning of the Home button. We'd be surprised if Apple launched an iPhone with a Home button so off centre.

French blog NoWhereElse has shared an image from China that is said to show the dimensions of the iPhone 6. The black and white diagram appears to reveal that the iPhone 6 will measure 150mm long by 85mm wide, and will have a display that measures almost 5in. The iPhone 5s is 123.8mm by 58.6mm, so that's a significant change. It's worth noting that there is no proof that this image is legitimate, though.

Nowhereelse.fr has a mockup of the iPhone 6 created by Martin Hajeck, based on the leaked dimensions mentioned above, as shown below.

Sonny Dickson, the Australian guy who last year published tons of photographs of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c parts has now published an image of that he claims is the iPhone 6. The images suggest that the next iPhone will be thinner with no bezel on the left or right of the screen – so it stretches to the edges of the phone. The bezel at the top and bottom of the phone looks shallower as well, it's basically as tall as home button at the bottom.

However, closer inspection of the images, which were originally shared on the mornray886 Twitter account before Dickson shared them, suggests that they are fake. It is thought that the images are renders creased by well known iPhone concept creator Martin Hajek, Pocket-Lint points out certain repetition of smudging in his concept designs for other 'leaked' Apple products.

Last year, Sonny Dickinson published image after image of what turned out to be the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s as well as the iPad Air and iPad mini. Read about some of Dickson's leaks here.

iPhone 6 concept images, videos and renders

A new concept from ConceptsiPhone shows a new take on what the iPhone 6 could look like, though it differs dramatically from recent leaks so we think a design like the one shown is highly unlikely. Still, it's rather good-looking, so it's still worth a watch.

Created by Sahanan Yogarasa, this new iPhone 6 concept (below) shows an iPhone that is slimmer and lighter than the iPhone 5s but sports a bigger, 5in display. Where it gets interesting, but also incredibly unlikely, is that the iPhone 6 in this concept video features an additional display that slides out from the back of the device. Cool idea but we don't expect to see anything like this from Apple any time soon.

This concept from ConceptsiPhone was tweeted by Sonny Dickson in March. We rather like the idea of a bigger screen without the need for a bigger device overall.

March has seen three new concept videos for the iPhone 6 emerge (so far), which fall at varying points in the believability spectrum. The first, from designer Sam Beckett, seams like a realistic prediction of what the iPhone 6 (or iPhone Air as Beckett calls it) could look like.

The second, from designer Arthur Reis (below), is slightly less believable but no where near as adventurous as our third video.

Below is the third video, which seems to be futuristic wishful thinking, and we don't expect the iPhone 6 to have holographic capabilities. But it's fun to watch nonetheless.

A new concept spotted on ConceptsiPhone and created by Joseph Farahi includes several well-rendered images and a video that shows a 5.1in iPhone 6. It's thinner, has a higher-resolution display, and also has solar charging capabilities.

An iPhone 6 concept unveiled in November 2013 comes from Iskander Utebayey, who imagines a new iPhone with a wraparound display that allows touch controls on each side of the iPhone. We can't imagine how this would work in real life, as touchscreens on the side of the iPhone would make holding the device rather tricky. However, we do like the idea of a control panel there waiting on the edges for easy access to different iOS features.

We rather like the Home button-less gold iPhone 6 concept created by designer Martin Hajek for French Apple blog Nowhereelse.fr. Its back closely resembles the iPad Air, and certainly looks Apple-esque to us.

Designer Arthur Reis created these 3D renderings in March, showing an ultra-thin design with 'touch anywhere' Home button and 'iSight Pro' camera.

This article will be updated as more iPhone 6 or information, rumours, and leaked pictures as they become available.

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