Adobe has confirmed over 25 million installations of applications deployed on Adobe AIR in the first six months since its release.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies, in addition to start-ups across a variety of industries, have deployed hundreds of AIR applications, the company said, including household names such as AOL, eBay and The New York Times.

eBay, for example, released eBay Desktop on AIR which has been downloaded more than one million times in the six months since its release.

Atlantic Records has made available its Fanbase solution, a desktop application built on Adobe AIR where music fans can receive the latest content from their favourite musicians in one single download.  The application features an audio player, chat room and a continuous feed of all the official and unofficial news, photos and videos from some of the most popular Atlantic Records artists.

“In just the first six months since release, we’re already witnessing the creation of a brand new ecosystem, established by a rapidly growing base of web developers who are discovering new ways to quickly build compelling applications using Adobe AIR,” said Michele Turner, vice president, product management and product marketing for the Platform business unit at Adobe.