Why should you choose a Mac over a PC? Martyn Casserly offers ten reasons why Macs are better than PCs.

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1) They make people happy

Computers are meant to make our lives easier. This is harder to achieve when the device in question keeps popping up messages from its anti-virus software and hiding essential features behind a baffling new operating system. Macs are simple to use and incredibly reliable, which is why they've scored the highest in customer satisfaction surveys for ten years straight.

2) They come packed with useful software

When you get your shiny new machine home the first thing you want to do is use it. With a PC this will take a little time as out-of-the-box Windows 8 has hardly any useful, quality apps. In fact manufacturers are paid to include trials and various useless software that can be hard to uninstall. A Mac arrives loaded with the excellent iLife package, a powerful mail client, and very soon the full iWork online package - all for free. Read Mac Desktop reviews

iLife comes free with every Mac and includes iPhoto (for editing photos), iMovie (for editing movies) and GarageBand (allowing you to make music on your Mac).

3) They offer good value for money

One criticism often aimed at Macs is that they are too expensive. Certainly they're not cheap, but that's because they only use quality components, which often compare favourably against PCs at a similar price. Add to that the aforementioned software, plus the fact that Apple optimise both hardware and software to get the most out of a machine, and you end up with a bargain. Read also Which Mac

4) They don’t run Windows 8

When Microsoft released its brand new version of Windows it was greeted with a collective "Why would you do that to us?" cry from the majority of its users. The touch-centric, unintuitive interface made PCs much harder to use, especially older machines. In contrast, OS X Mountain Lion is a polished, elegant experience, with the upcoming Mavericks looking to refine the design even further. [Update: OS X Mavericks review]

5) They do run Windows 8

If you are hesitant in switching to a Mac because of certain Windows software that you absolutely need, then fret not. Windows runs on a Mac, and it does so rather well. In fact pretty much any modern operating system can. Even Linux inventor Linus Torvalds famously uses a Macbook Air as his daily machine.

The Mac is able to run pretty much any modern operating system including Windows 8 and Linux.

6) The Apple Store

Every computer, at some point in its life, will have a problem or two. On a PC you'll most likely need to find a repair shop and hope for the best. With a Mac you pop online, book a slot with an Apple Genius, then take it to the store where Mac specialists will find the solution, often for free.

Troubleshoot most Mac problems at your local Apple store: make an appointment with a genius, and the answer is often free.

7) Accessibility

Macs have always come with plenty of ways to enable accessibility for users with special requirements. By selecting from the menu in System Preferences you can enable voice control, screen zooms, high contrast displays, have your Mac read out any text to you, or flash the screen when a message arrives.

8) They don’t get viruses

Viruses on Macs are as rare as pictures of Miley Cyrus without her tongue sticking out. Windows on the other hand is akin to the battle of Helm's Deep, with virus-laden orcs bombarding the stronghold in relentless fashion. Only Norton the bold or McAfee the white can save them now.

9) The Trackpad

While Windows 8 is designed around a touchscreen interface, Macs have an incredible range of simple to use trackpad gestures that make navigating the system fast and friendly. They also have the best trackpad on any laptop by an absolute mile, which is very important if you consider how often you use one on a daily basis.

Mastering trackpad gestures can make working with OS X a dream.

10) They’re British!

While the box may say designed in California, USA, we all know that deep within the heart of the Cupertino campus resides the design genius that is Jony Ive. Born and raised in Chingford, London, Ive went on to become the head of design at Apple. So in effect all modern Apple products hail from these golden shores.