Barely a day has passed since the iPhone 3G went on sale, and Apple has just released a MobileMe 1.1 update.

MobileMe has been beset with problems since Apple tried to introduce the software last Thursday. It originally missed its target launch time and has failed to function correctly. Macworld reader have complained of missing email functionality, disappearing data and a lack of syncing.

The main MobileMe Web site has only started to function reliably in the past few hours, and Macworld observed the ‘Push’ function of contancts to the iPhone 3G working approximately an hour ago.

It is unknown what the update fixes, although with a mixture of problems facing the MobileMe community, it would be advisable to update to the latest version of the software. The MobileMe 1.1 update appears to be only available via the Software Update, and we have found no mention of it on Apple’s support page.