In addition to the iOS 6.0.1 release and the iOS 6.1 beta seed to developers, Apple on Thursday also updated its Safari, Aperture, and iPhoto for OS X.

Safari is now version 6.0.2, with some new security fixes. [UPDATE: Some users have reported that they are having difficulty updating Safari, getting an error message when they try to do so. The update is also missing from Apple's downloads page.]

Apple's iPhoto has been updated to version 9.4.2, and new features include the ability to add photos to shared streams or My Photo Stream by dragging them to 'Photo Stream' in the source list, an Import command in the contextual menu that will import all of the photographs in a shared photo stream, as well as several other bug fixes and stability improvements. Visit Apple's website for the full list of changes.

Aperture 3.4.1 has similar new features and tweaks, as well as improved face detection on photos imported from a shared stream, lots of bug fixes and improved stability. Apple has the full list of changes here.

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