Apple's iPhone is the fifth most popular mobile phone brand globally amongst teens according to a new survey. Apple did not appear in the global top ten last year.

BlackBerry also entered the top ten for the first time, representing the greater mainstream appeal of smartphones, especially amongst the young.

Conducted in April 2009, the Global Habbo Youth Survey 2009 for Habbo Hotel, an online virtual world aimed at teens, queried 112,000 teenagers in 30 countries with 4,500 teens surveyed from the US.

Nokia was the top choice amongst teens with 21 per cent globally, but this is down from 29 per cent last year. The survey, however, excludes some key emerging markets, including India and China, where Nokia is the market leader.

Sony Ericsson was second most popular brand but slipped from 21 per cent to 18 per cent. Motorola slipped to six from three last year, with Apple, Samsung and LG all benefitting.

Sony was also named the number one global games console brand, followed by Nintendo and Microsoft.

YouTube and MySpace proved the most popular sites amongst teens globally, with Facebook coming in a strong third.

The average age of respondents varied between 13 and 16 years in the Habbo survey.

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