The founder of Weblogs. Inc, Jason Calacanis, claims to have first-hand experience with Apple's new tablet expected to be unveiled later today in San Francisco.

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Writing on Twitter, Jason Calacanis claims to have had the mythical Apple tablet for the last 10 days or so at the request of Apple. "For background: apple asked me to do press tomorrow on cnbc, cnn, etc. As a pundit they gave me tablet 10 days ago. 3people dropped it off!"

Earlier Calacanis wrote: "Ok, I'm going to bed (with apple tablet after reading nytimes+Vanity Fair on it!), steve jobs outdid himself, its greatest device ever!!!"

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"Note to press: No, not going to break my NDA w/ Apple/steve so u can get jump on announcement. It is the most *amazing* device ever."

However, Jason has revealed these specs through tweets:

- OLED screen
- Solar pad on rear for charging
- Built in HDTV Tuner and video recording functionality
- Thumb pads on either side
- Built in chess game
- Fingerprint recognition (up to five different users)
- Two cameras on front and rear (one for videoconferencing)
- A wireless keyboard and monitor connection
- Price: $599, $699, and $799

Needless to say we're taking this with a large pinch of salt. Macworld's Editor-in-Chief Mark Hatttersley said "I don't think anybody is manufacturing OLED screens on enough scale for Apple, and certainly not at that price point. Also why would it have a solar pad on the rear of the device - the bit facing the ground when you hold it? I can see how thumb pads would make sense for gaming, but aside from that it seems a bit superfluous on a multi-touch device."

So we're going to file this one under wishful thinking. Respect for the grandiose manner in which Jason is self-promoting himself though, he's currently trending on Twitter.

Jason Calacanis, who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, claims the Apple tablet is a great device for gaming, connecting to other Apple tablets over Wi-fi, with games available such as the popular Farmville, a massive hit via Facebook.

"... also, Farmville for Apple tablet is a huge game changer. I know for a FACT Mark Pincus is onstage tomorrow with Jobs." Calacanis adds the quality of games are of "Nintendo wii-level innovation."

Jason Calacanis writing on Twitter, claims insider knowledge of Apple's new tablet.

The Weblogs Inc. founder adds that the Apple tablet will come with two built in cameras, one front and one rear, so you can record both yourself and what you can see, ideal for video conferencing suggests Calacanis.

According to Calacanis, the tablet also has a built-in HDTV tuner and PVR for recording favourite TV shows, coming with a wireless keyboard and monitor connection for TV play back. "The best part ofthe apple tablet as beta user has been the built in HDTV tuner and pvr, and the chess game."

The US web entrepreneur suggests the Apple tablet will run on a version of the iPhone OS only with the ability to run multiple applications. While the battery life is fine for reading books, Calacanis claims Wi-fi connection and gaming quickly drains battery life allowing just two or three hours use.

Calacanis claims the Apple tablet will be priced at $599, $699 and $799 depending on size and memory. This price seems hard to believe as Calacanis also claims the Apple tablet with come with a state of the art OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen. For example, the 11-inch Sony - XEL-1 OLED TV costs $2,449.

Calacanis also adds that Apple has some how found space for a solar pad for recharging.

Fact or pure fantasy [The latter - Ed] we will all know in a few short hours.

Update: Unsurprisingly, Jason Calacanis turned out to be way off the mark with this fantasy. Paul Miller, Senior Associate Editor of Engadget had the following to say: "Jason never had any sort of editorial role in Engadget -- he helped start Weblogs, Inc., the network of sites that Engadget is a part of, but never wrote for us or impacted editorial decisions. He left Weblogs / AOL completely in 2006, and has no lasting influence or affiliation."