New MacBook Pro announced

Apple announced a long awaited update to its MacBook Pro laptops at an event in San Francisco on 27 October. The laptops, both 13in and 15in, feature USB-C ports and a Retina display, multi-touch ‘Touch Bar’, a versatile strip display that replaces the escape, function keys and power keys of a regular QWERTY keyboard. 

That bar also houses a Touch ID sensor, meaning the MacBook Pro is the third Apple product after the iPhone and iPad to include the technology. 

Both the 13in and 15in new MacBook Pro models will go on pre-order today, starting at $1,799 for the 13in model and going up to $2,399 for the 15in model. They will ship in 2-3 weeks.

It is also the first time a MacBook Pro will not include standard USB ports, with both models featuring four USB-C ports. This means the MacBook Air is now the only Apple laptop with standard USB ports. 

There is, thankfully, a headphone jack. The set-up mirrors the existing 12in MacBook, which has one USB-C and one headphone jack as its only ports. The new MacBook Pro no longer features MagSafe charging, an SD card slot or Thunderbolt port. 

Much like the 12in MacBook, the MacBook Pro now has butterfly mechanism keys, allowing for less travel and a thinner chassis. Apple claims they are second generation keys, supposedly improving the typing experience from the 12in MacBook range. 

Both models will be available in Silver and Space Grey and ship with macOS Sierra.

The 13in model is 14.9mm thin, 17% thinner than the previous generation, and 23% less in volume – weighing half a pound less than the last generation, at three pounds which is 1.36kg. 

The 15in model is 15.5mm thin and 20% less in volume than the last generation. It weighs only 4 pounds (1.81kg), which is very light for a 15in laptop. Apple has also brought a larger Force Touch trackpad to this version.

New MacBook Pro: non-Touch Bar edition 

Apple also announced a version of the MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar that has traditional function keys and just 2 USB-C ports which is designed to replace the 13in MacBook Air in the line-up. This will cost $1,499, essentially meaning Apple values the Touch Bar and two USB-C ports at $300.

New MacBook Pro: Touch Bar

The Touch Bar on the high-end MacBook Pro is the biggest change to the range. It’s a customisable strip-screen that allows for slicker control to certain apps and software. It allows for multi-touch gestures, meaning photo editing the DJing applications to name but two can host new features. 

Whether it’s changing the volume of a song or swiping to edit a certain frame of a video in iMovie, it will be a great way for developers to utilise new ways to interact with the MacBook Pro, which continues to not include a touchscreen display. 

Quick Type functionality is also built in, helping to type quicker with predictive suggestions as on iPhone and iPad.

For making secure payments, there is an Apple T1 chip inside the MacBook Pro provides secure Touch ID payments in partnership with retailer websites. 

The Touch Bar is also customisable, and you can click and drag your preferred commands into the Bar like you might on an Android smartphone.

New MacBook Pro: Specs and performance 

At the 27 October event, Apple claimed that the displays of both new MacBook Pro models are 67% brighter, have 67% higher contrast ratio and display 25% more colour than the previous generation. 

The 15in MacBook Pro comes with an Intel Core i7 with sixth generation quad core processor – so no Kaby Lake processors inside as was rumoured. A Radeon Pro graphics card sits inside for, hopefully, improved gaming capabilities.

The in-built speakers have a promised twice the dynamic range of audio in comparison to the last generation.

In comparison, the smaller 13 in model will ship with either a Core i5 or i7 depending on your preference, with Intel Iris graphics and Superfast SSD storage.

More to follow.

New MacBook Pro release date rumours: How to watch Apple's new MacBook Pro live stream

You can watch Apple's 27 October Mac launch event live on Apple's website, and follow the announcements here on Macworld, where we'll analyse what it all means for you.

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To stream the event on Apple's site you'll need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on Mac OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. You can also stream the keynote on Apple TV. If you've got a 2nd- or 3rd-gen Apple TV it'll need to be running software 6.2 or later. A 4th-gen Apple TV will be fine. A 1st-gen Apple TV can't stream the event.

We'll be liveblogging the event throughout the night and adding our expert independent views. The liveblog is embedded below.

New MacBook Pro release date rumours: What we know so far

When will the new MacBook Pro be released in the UK? And what tech specs, design changes, new features and UK pricing should we expect from the updated MacBook Pro for 2016?

It's been more than 17 months since the last MacBook Pro update (the 13-inch model was last updated on 9 March 2015, while the 15-inch was updated on 19 May 2015), and we're eagerly looking ahead to the new MacBook Pro release date. Apple's event on 7 September ended in disappointment for Mac fans, with the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2 the stars of the evening. Indeed, it's been a MacBook Pro-free year so far. So when is the new MacBook Pro 2016 coming out? You'll find everything there is to know so far about new MacBook Pro 2016 models in this release date, specs and new features round-up.

Two sizes of MacBook Pro are currently available: a 13in model and a 15in model. (You can find out where to buy them here.) If you'd like to read about the current range, take a look at our Best MacBook buying guide and Best Mac buying guide. But in this article we will be focusing on the next generation of high-end Apple laptops.

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date rumours UK: Release date

There's just hours to go! The new MacBook Pro will almost certainly launch tonight (27 October 2016). Invitations have already gone out, as we discuss in the next section. And this event is looking ever more likely to see new Apple laptops, as Apple has just trademarked three new MacBooks - according to a Russian trademark filing.

The three new model numbers, A1706, A1707, and A1708, are tipped to be a 13in and 15in MacBook Pro and a bog-standard MacBook with a 12in screen. That's according to the reliable KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, anyway.

We had been hoping for a new MacBook Pro during Apple's iPhone 7 event on 7 September, as it's been way over a year since the laptop was last updated and there are plenty of customers waiting for it. But the event came and went with no sign of any Mac announcements.

Other Macs in Apple's line-up have already been updated this year. Apple announced its new 12in MacBook 2016 with a simple press release, and the MacBook Air got a very slight update too. Which just leaves the Pro.

While we've not had any confirmation that the 2016 MacBook Pro will have a Q4 2016 release date, a recent email sent by Tim Cook strongly implies it will: a MacRumours reader emailed the Apple CEO asking if it was "pulling away" from the Mac line and while we imagine Tim Cook receives emails like this on a daily basis, he finally responded. "I love the Mac and we are very committed to it," said Cook in the email to the Apple fan. "Stay tuned."  

However, as seen on Reddit and reported by 9to5Mac, the San Francisco Apple Store has queue dividers set up, suggesting that people will be flocking to Apple Stores when Apple announces the new MacBook Pro will be immediately available - possibly after the event! Get ready to wait in line.

Invites go out to 27 October launch event!

As expected (see next section), Apple has sent out invitations to a press event tonight (Thursday 27 October) at its Cupertino headquarters. The announcements will start at 10am local time, which translates to 6pm UK time.

New MacBook Pro release date: 27 October invitation

The event will see the launch of new Macs. We're fairly sure a new MacBook Pro will be top of the agenda - the main reason for further delay would be if suitable Kaby Lake processors aren't ready yet, but both Dell and HP have announced Kaby Lake laptops already - and are hopeful that we could see new iMacs too; some pundits think the entire Mac range is going to be refreshed. And new iPads (most likely the iPad mini 5/iPad Pro 7.9in) cannot be entirely ruled out.

The tagline of the invitation, "hello again", alludes to the fact that Apple convened a press event only last month - for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, obviously - but also to the launch of the first Macintosh. It 'introduced itself' onstage with the words "Hello, I am the Macintosh", and appeared in an early advert, also known as "Hello", with the word on its screen:

That - along with the long wait since the MacBook Pro was last updated - is why we're so sure that Macs are going to appear on 27 October. If you'd like to read more detective work based on the invitation, and discussion of the clues hidden in previous invitations to Apple events, read A look back at 16 of Apple's most cryptic event invitations.

We'll be liveblogging the event, so come back to this page at 6pm UK time tonight to hear all the announcements as they happen, along with our expert (and independent) analysis of what they mean for you. Here's how to watch Apple's 27 October Mac launch event live.

27 October MacBook launch event confirmed

Apple recently moved its quarterly earnings call from 27 October to 25 October (read more about Apple financial results here), and some outlets - including 9to5Mac - believe this is because the company is now planning to unveil new Macs on the former date. Apple itself has warned investors to expect iPhone sales to be down again in Q4 2016, and so (the theory goes) it wants to follow and replace this moderately negative news with a blockbuster launch.

Apple Q4 results on Tues 25 October, followed by a Mac launch event on Thurs 27 October: sounds like a busy week for Macworld.

As the site notes, moving an earnings report is almost unprecedented for Apple: it has done this just once before, and stated at the time that this was to allow executives to attend the memorial service of Bill Campbell, "a coach and mentor to many of us at Apple, and a member of our family for decades". No such reason has been given this time.

Following this speculation, the generally reliable Recode - which has got the scoop on a few Apple launch events in the past - popped up to say that its sources have 'confirmed' that a Mac launch event will go ahead on 27 October. And it's not the only one to chime in. Macotakara has sources of its own - a "reliable Chinese supplier" - and it predicted on the 18th that an announcement would be made in a week's time, roughly matching Recode's forecast.

...the day after Microsoft's new Surface PC launches

This could be tasty. Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro update is one of the most impatiently awaited in its recent history, but it could be headed for a near-clash (and overlapping news coverage) with the expected launch of Microsoft's new Surface tablets.

As PC Advisor reports, Microsoft has sent out invitations to an event on 26 October. We aren't sure what will be announced, but rumours point to Xbox news, a Windows 10 update, a possible new all-in-one desktop PC released under the Surface brand and, most relevantly for Apple's MacBook update, an update to the Surface Pro line of tablets.

We'd expect Apple to dominate Microsoft in the news coverage stakes in any case, but this timing - if the rumour is correct - would be particularly harsh on the Redmond company. Whatever good headlines it generates on the 26th are sure to be quashed 24 hours later if Apple comes out with an even moderately interesting update to the MacBook Pro line. And if the invites have already gone out for Apple's event by then, speculation about the new MacBook Pro could even eat into Microsoft's coverage while its event is actually happening.

Sales figures suggest Apple fans are now putting off laptop purchases

According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker report, Apple has just seen a noticeable drop in shipments of its Mac range, a dip that is likely to be related to the long wait for the Pro update. Apple shipped 4.4 million PCs worldwide in Q2 2016, compared to 4.8 million in Q2 2015 - a drop of 8.3 percent. Its shipments were down too, from 2.1 million to 1.9 million.

And that isn't just down to market forces: the other companies in the top five for US and worldwide PC shipments all posted better year-on-year comparisons, and indeed HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer all saw double-digit growth in the US shipments. (Lenovo saw a small drop in worldwide shipments.)

New MacBook Pro rumours: Sales figures

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date rumours UK: Design

It must be coming soon - but what will the new MacBook Pro look like?

Physical design

We're not expecting the design of the MacBook Pro to change much, although the Ming-Chi Kuo report suggests otherwise. It's possible that a gold model will be launched, but Apple might reserve that for the 12in MacBook, which got new colour options in March.

TechRadar reports that the MacBook Pro will get a new hinge design, and claims this will be created by Amphenol, which makes the hinges on the Microsoft Surface Book, while Kuo suggests we'll see a thinner, lighter MacBook Pro with several new features including the Touch ID sensor and touch bar.

Further to the TechRadar report is a note in Digitimes reporting hinge makrer Jarllytec has reported major revenue increases. The company makes metal injection molding (MIM) hinges, and Digitimes puts down this rise in revenue to the MIM hinges expected to feature in this year's new MacBook Pro design.

The macOS Sierra code does reference biometric inputs, so a Touch ID fingerprint sensor is possible, particularly after the introduction of Apple Pay for Mac.

'Magic Toolbar'

It looks like the rumoured Magic Toolbar is happening. Apple - which used to be good at keeping secrets! - appears to have dropped the ball by giving everyone a sneak preview of the new MacBook Pro, and sure enough, there's a touch panel along the top of the keyboard, exactly where the function keys would normally be.

In the just released macOS Sierra 10.12.1, Apple included some images of Apple Pay in action on a Mac. Only problem - it's a Mac that hasn't officially been released yet. The pictures were spotted by a MacRumors reader.

New MacBook Pro: Magic Toolbar leaked images

The toolbar clearly includes a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, because it's being used to execute a transaction in Apple Pay. And the Apple Pay-specific instructions on the panel make it apparent that the functions it enables will vary from application to application.

New MacBook Pro: Magic Toolbar leaked images

The toolbar also seems to replace the hardware Escape key, which is mildly alarming for various reasons.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously been the head cheerleader for the Magic Toolbar theory, which has gained in credibility in recent weeks and now appears confirmed. 

Kuo said we should expect a redesign for the MacBook Pro this year, with a thinner and lighter body, Touch ID, Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C. Inside, we can expect to see faster Skylake processors powering the MacBook Pro and new graphics cards too. But most intriguingly, the analyst predicts there will be an OLED display touchbar just above the keyboard.

"While long overlooked, the MacBook line is the brightest spot for Apple's 2016 rollouts," Kuo said in a report sent out on 23 May that has got everyone excited.

He goes on to explain that the OLED display touch bar will replace the physical function keys with a set of customisable software keys that can be adapted to the needs and functions of individual apps. You'll be able to open an application with one tap of the OLED touchbar, and it will subsequently show a set of controls (and display relevant notifications) for the software. 

And we may have a clue about this feature's name. The Trademark Ninja have unearthed a trademark filing in the Benelux countries, made under a dummy company name, for 'Magic Toolbar'. We can't be sure this is anything to do with Apple, but the clues are fairly convincing - follow the link for more information and make your own mind up.

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date, features & specs rumours UK

And it seems as if these rumours are true, as leaked photos of the upcoming MacBook Pro chassis were sent to Cult of Mac.

The photos showcase the body of the 2016 MacBook Pro complete with a space for the rumoured OLED panel to sit, just above the keyboard itself where the function keys would usually be housed. The placement of an OLED panel above the keyboard has forced Apple to relocate the position of the speakers that are traditionally at the back of the keyboard - as you can see in the photo above, there are now two speaker grilles either side of the keyboard instead. 

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date, features & specs rumours UK

The leaked photos also confirm that Apple will only feature USB-C ports on the 2016 variant, showcasing four USB-C ports along with a 3.5mm headphone jack (at least it still has a headphone jack, eh?). 

Now, following the unveiling of macOS Sierra and the release of the beta, code has been discovered deep within the operating system that suggests we will indeed see a new Mac with an OLED bar this year. According to MacGeneeration, part of the code reads: "kHIDUsage_LED". That's expanded upon in various instances including "kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb", which could hint at a dedicated Do Not Disturb button on the MacBook Pro's OLED touchscreen.

Further code was spotted on 30 August that references a "Function Row," potentially a hint that the OLED panel is indeed on its way. Consomac discovered the code in Apple's Pages app, which reads "Customize Function Row" when referring to a menu option.

Martin Hajeck has created a stunning concept series based on the OLED touch panel rumours. Take a look at some of the images below or click here to view more on his website.

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date, features & specs rumours UK

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date, features & specs rumours UK

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date, features & specs rumours UK

E-ink keyboard

Rumours are rife concerning the MacBook Pro's supposed OLED touch bar, which we discuss in the next section, but the most recent report suggests Apple isn't happy enough with the feature. 9to5Mac and TrustedReviews both claim that Apple has been in talks to use a laptop variant of Sonder Design's dynamic keyboard technology instead.

Sonder is known for its E-ink keyboard, which can change key labels on the fly. This makes the entire keyboard instantly user-customisable, providing multiple languages as well as contextual shortcuts from a single keyboard without having to swap out keys or add a physical overlay - very useful if you are, for example, editing in Final Cut Pro and want to have clearly labelled shortcuts. 

Sonder has confirmed that talks between Apple and the company have taken place, although it won't comment on whether or not it's a deal - confirming only that it's "closing B2B procurement contracts" with three laptop makers.

Removal of 3.5mm headphone jack...

Now that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus officially lack the 3.5mm headphone jack, and it's logical to think that it might not be be the only Apple product to lose the feature. If Apple is to move the public on from wired headphones, it would make sense to completely kill off the port from the rest of its range, including Macs, laptops and even iPads. And the MacBook Pro 2016 could be first on the list.

This rumour is backed up by a new Apple survey asking customers: "Do you ever use the headphone port on your MacBook pro with Retina display?" Other topics in these surveys have included battery life and SD card slot.

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New MacBook Pro 2016 release date, features & specs rumours UK: Headphone port

USB-C in, USB and MagSafe out

Macotakara, a Japanese-language site, reports - based on "reliable sources" that it later clarifies to be "a reliable Chinese supplier" - that the new MacBook Pros coming in late 2016 will follow the 12-inch MacBook in ditching both conventional USB (USB-A) and MagSafe docks, and replacing them with a single USB-C port.

This was a controversial move with the 12-inch MacBook, of course. We love MagSafe and would miss it very much. We hope that the new Pros at least come with multiple USB-C ports, so we can charge and use one or more accessories at the same time. (Some previous leaks have suggested we could get as many as four USB-C ports.)

The new MacBook Pros will also have Thunderbolt 3 in place of the current Thunderbolt 2, Macotakara predicts.

Touch ID power button

In August, 9to5Mac heard from KGI Analysts, that the new MacBook Pro will also feature Touch ID support. The analysts are well known for providing accurate predictions and rumours. The firm hasn't provided any further details, but it is suggested that it will be incorporated within the power button, making it an easy way to authenticate and switch on your MacBook.

There is no evidence or patents suggesting that Apple is developing the feature, however we do see it as a great addition to a popular device.


We expect to see a return of the Butterfly key mechanism in the new MacBook Pro 2016. The new mechanism was used in the older MacBook 2015 keyboard and we therefore expect to see this flush, easy-to-type-on key switch used in the upcoming version.

There's a frankly bizarre rumour doing the rounds about the keyboard, too: that there won't be any physical keys at all. Instead, you'll just get a flat, 'zero-travel' touch-sensitive slate that gives force feedback to offer the illusion of physical movement - just like the Force Touch trackpad.

If that seems like madness, the Parent Herald clairifies that there will at least be 'micro-perforations' to guide the fingers to the correct part of the slate, and lights to show the key layout.

The site seems to have taken this idea from a patent, but Apple fans will be well aware that patents generally don't bear fruit for years after being filed, and often don't produce anything even then: some things just don't work out in R&D, and others were patented speculatively, or as red herrings to mislead rivals. Needless to say, we certainly don't expect a feature of this kind in 2016's MacBook Pro.

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date rumours UK: New features

Now that we know when to expect the MacBook Pro to arrive, let's take a look at what new features we expect from the laptop. Are we looking at a launch like the 2015 12-inch MacBook, with an entirely new design and lots of new features, or a minor update like the 2016 MacBook Air?

Cellular 4G connectivity

On 24 May 2016, Patently Apple shared a patent filed by Apple, which showcases a MacBook with cellular capabilities.

With the decrease in 4G connectivity costs and SIM-only deals, it's very much possible that Apple want to bring a 4G-enabled MacBook Pro. The 4G MacBook Pro would most probably be an added hardware cost to buyers, meaning a similar price structure as the iPads.

In 2007, there were rumours around the MacBook having a 4G connection by use of an external antenna, but given Apple's sleek design, it was most likely scrapped. Given how technology has moved forward, it would be feasible to see Apple integrating a cellular connection through the MacBook's outer shell.

Apple Pencil-compatible trackpad

Now while it may not be as glamorous as an OLED touch bar or 4G connectivity, a patent application was recently granted which could introduce a new way to interact with your Macbook Pro - via the Apple Pencil. The patent was originally filed back in 2014 and while it mainly focuses on interaction with a touch screen display (or the iPad Pro to us), there are several images depicting its use with a trackpad and a Mac. 

However, it doesn't stop at trackpad compatibility either - the patent goes on to describe how the Apple Pencil (or stylus as it's referred in the patent) could use a three- or six-axis sensor to act as a general input device like an 'air mouse', or even a joystick. The model of Apple Pencil depicted seems to be more advanced than the one currently available, having the ability to detect lateral movement in three dimensions as well as being able to detect and track rotational movement and orientation.

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date, features & specs rumours UK: Apple Pencil trackpad patent

The patent reads: "Inertial sensor input may be gathered when operating the stylus in one or more inertial sensor input modes such as an air mouse mode, a rotational controller mode, a joystick mode, and/or other inertial sensor input modes."

While there's nothing that specifically links the patent to the MacBook Pro, we'd imagine that it'd be a great fit for the upcoming redesign, and may even coincide with the announcement of a brand new Apple Pencil. 

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date rumours UK: Tech specs

So much for new features. But what tech specs should we expect from the new MacBook Pro?


Depending on when they are launched, the new MacBook Pro models are likely to feature processors drawn from Intel's sixth-generation Skylake chip family, or from the brand-new seventh-gen Kaby Lake family. But there is a third possibility: that Apple will switch over to ARM processors.

Skylake: Right now, the 12-inch MacBook, updated earlier this year, is the only member of Apple's laptop line-up to offer Skylake, which will bring significant performance gains to the new MacBook Pro, too, making it an even faster machine. Competitors including HP, Dell and Microsoft have already moved to Skylake, so Apple is beginning to look like it's trailing behind.

Skylake could improve battery life, too, working with macOS Sierra to improve efficiency. The 13in Retina MacBook Pro already offers 10 hours of battery life and the 15in model offers 8 hours, but we'd like to see that improve to match the 12 and 9 hours offered by the MacBook Air.

Kaby Lake: Intel has started shipping its Kaby Lake processors. That's the generation of chips after Skylake, and offers support for Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 and DisplayPort 1.2. This is good news for PC users but less pleasing for the Mac crowd, because the Kaby Lake chips that would fit the MacBook Pro aren't expected to ship until very late 2016 or more likely early 2017. Read more on MacRumors.

However, there have recently been some reports to suggest that Kaby Lake chips have actually arrived earlier than expected, and could well make their way into new MacBook Pro models. And while most pundits are saying that Kaby Lake isn't going to be available in time for Apple's event, with both Apple and Microsoft lining up PC-focused events this week - and both Dell and HP announcing Kaby Lake laptops already, even though details remain scarce - it seems as though the tech giants might know something we don't.

ARM: A leftfield option to finish with. The Dutch-language site Techtastic has posted a reference in the kernel of macOS Sierra to "ARM HURRICANE", a chip family that is now supported.

This isn't a chip that anyone has heard of, but it would make sense for this to be an Apple custom ARM chip, fitting in as it does with the company's previous metereological naming conventions: the A7 was codenamed Cyclone, the A8 Typhoon and the A9 Twister. Those are iPad/iPhone chips, of course, so does this mean that Apple is going to let iDevices run macOS Sierra? Certainly not - but it might be about to put ARM chips in its MacBooks.

New MacBook Pro: ARM chip rumours

Image courtesy of Techtastic


We expect the new Macbook Pro 2016 to have a 2304 x 1440 resolution, which will be the same resolution as the current 12in models. We don't expect to see a 4K/5K screen, but Apple could always surprise us, by upping those pixels per inch from 226 pixels per inch (ppi) to 400-500ppi.

One MacBook Pro rumour doing the rounds goes as far as to say that the 2016 models will have a touchscreen, and that it might even be detachable from the screen a lot like the Surface Book. We'd be very surprised if this rumour is true, but anything's possible.


Both AMD and nVidia are looking to introduce new GPU products in 2016 which some suggest could make their way to the 2016 MacBook Pro, along with other Mac products. AMD is planning to release GPUs based on Global Foundries 14 nm FinFET processor node, while nVidia is releasing something slightly different - GPUs based on the slightly larger 16 nm FinFET Plus processor node. Both the AMD and nVidia GPUs should bring significant gains in graphics performance, an area that needs some TLC - especially with regards to gaming on a Mac. 

Both AMD and nVidia are set to launch the new GPUs later this year, but it's unclear at this stage whether it'll be ready in time to be used with the 2016 MacBook Pro. On behalf of Mac gamers everywhere, we hope so.

There are also an increasing number of rumours which suggest AMD set aside a GPU design for Apple, for its latest FinFet 14nm architecture graphics cards. It is also presumed the new GPU will be twice as fast as the current MacBook Pro, making it a worthy upgrade for most.

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date rumours UK: UK price

Currently the cheapest Retina MacBook Pro costs £999. For the price you'll get a 13in 2.7GHz OS X machine that has 128GB of storage.

Prices go up in increments with £1,199 and £1,399 for the more feature-rich 13in variants. The 15in model comes in two variants, a 2.2GHz £1,599 version and a 2.5GHz £1,999 variant.

We expect the new 2016 MacBook Pro to be launched at similar, if not identical prices to the current models.

New MacBook Pro 2016 release date rumours UK: Poll - what do you want from the MacBook Pro?

Now we turn to you. What new features are you hoping to see in the new MacBook Pro? Have your say in our poll.