Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly upped the number of replies he makes to those who email him directly at [email protected]

In recent weeks a succession of replies to various queries have been short and to the point, including "no," "yep," and "Software fix coming soon. Sorry for the bug."

As the New York Times reports, Jobs appears to be replying more often much to the delight of those receiving replies.

Jezper Söderlund, a music producer in Gothenburg, Sweden, was delighted to receive a reply from Apple's CEO after he emailed asking if he would be able to link his iPhone’s data service to the iPad. While the answer was a single word 'no,' Jobs took only 30 minutes to reply and the response gained a fair amount of exposure for Söderlund.

"When I woke up the next day, it was all over the Web," Söderlund said. "Almost every Mac Web site had picked it up, and the biggest newspaper in town wrote about it. We had more visits to my Web site in 12 hours than we had all year. It was crazy."

Andrea Nepori, a 25-year-old blogger in Italy, was also impressed to receive an email from Jobs this week following a query about free eBooks and the iPad.

"I don’t know that I’ve heard of Steve Ballmer or any other C.E.O.’s answering e-mails. Maybe nobody writes to them," Nepori said.

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