Apple is prepping new MacBooks,  due as early as this week, even later today, according to the latest Mac rumour.

Reddit user audioslave716 based at US electronics retailer Micro Center posted the following message.

"I sent this to the guys at macrumors, but I figure it'll take them a while to get it up. This all just showed up in my system at microcenter, with model numbers and price. The week before the macbook came out in november this came up the same way, with a correct model number and price. Looks like we might get new MBP's tuesday!!!"

The rumoured new MacBook models are labeled: 'Apple System Good-USA (priced at $1799.99),' 'Mac System #1 Best-USA ($2199.99),' 'Mac System #2 Best-USA ($2299.99),' and 'Mac System Better-USA ($1999.99).'

Any new MacBooks are likely to come equipped with Intel's Core i7 and i5 mobile processors.

In February this year, a Geekbench test report, which measures processor and memory performance, appeared to show the results for an unreleased Arrandale MacBook Pro running at 2.66GHz.

The processor shown was listed as an Intel Core i7 M 620 running at 2.66GHz with a Turbo frequency up to 3.33 GHz. The Intel Core i7 M 620 is a high end dual core processor with Turbo Boost and Hyperthreading technology.

The MacBook Pro model designation was listed as "6,1" and had a non-shipping build of Mac OS X 10.6.2 (Build 10C3067).