Sophos is offering both a podcast and a white paper containing ten free tips to help Mac users better secure their computers.

The list is compiled by the company's senior Mac engineer, Graham Lee, who shares a number of steps that Mac users can take to secure their laptops against physical data theft.

Some of the advice offered includes changing the default Keychain password settings to ensure the Keychain and user account passwords are different, and storing the swap file in an encrypted format to avoid revealing key passwords.

"The technical paper was written in light of recent research conducted by SophosLabs, which illustrated Mac malware is on the rise," said Carole Theriault, host of the Sophos podcasts. "Lee puts the threat into perspective, but explains that the user's interaction with the machine plays a much larger role in determining the success of a data theft attack rather than whether they run Windows or a Mac."

In the podcast, Lee discusses in detail three of the ten tips, all of which are highlighted in a freely available Sophos technical paper.

"We know that there is no guarantee that you won't lose your Mac or have it nabbed by some opportunistic thief," continued Theriault. "These steps will help your information stay private, even if someone is trying to find out what secrets your machine might hold."