No it's not a Jedi mind trick. PhoneSaber, the utterly useless and mildly amusing iPhone application, which does nothing more than make lightsaber noises when you wave your iPhone about, has been removed from the iTunes Store.

After a 'chat' between the makers at and THQ Wireless (the company that owns the rights to mobile Star Wars stuff), it has been agreed that a Star Wars branded version will be a much better idea, and the two parties have agreed to create an 'official' version.

You can read the's announcement here.

Lucas et al can't go far wrong with PhoneSaber I suppose, although I don't trust them after seeing the woeful new Indiana Jones movie. Of course, the iconic lightsaber noise is Lucas' IP, so it's a fair cop. I'd just rather they didn't make it useful.

I don't want a Star Wars sound portal with 'touch here to buy a T-shirt' buttons. I want a FREE widget that makes funny noises.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you've missed the boat. That is until the official version comes out.