Congratulations, Mary Xee, you have just sent me my 1,000 unread piece of spam email.

Frankly, this is unsurprising. Under a variety of different names you have been sending me an email roughly once every 10 minutes (day and night) for the last month. Comically, the other day you offered me a service for sending bulk emails.

I imagine you are quite successful at this.

Anyway, you would be a problem for me but a few months ago I installed a piece of software called SpamSieve. If you imagine Mail's Junk service to be like a friendly postman that flicks through your mail and politely ponders if you really want the chance to win '£10,000; SpamSieve is his evil twin that screams: "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" with all his might at each even slightly suspicious letter before angrily throwing all your junk mail in the nearest bin.

And that's only on the medium setting.

Seriously. This plug-in for Mail gets rid of all your Spam. Period! Install it and all your spam is moved to a folder called Spam. Admittedly so is the odd reader's letter and badly written press release; but as long as I flick through the Spam folder once a day and click on Ctrl-G (to mark these good) it quickly learns what is legitimate.

SpamSieve has really saved my Inbox from being overwhelmed.