DSR Tower

Now that so many new Macs have a DVD burner as standard, and the rest have a DVD player, DVD is becoming a standard for backup, archiving and sharing data. The DSR Tower is a simple-to-use DVD/CD duplicator capable of burning up to eight discs at a time, and as many as 32 full DVDs per hour or 96 full CDs per hour. The interface couldn't be simpler. There are two buttons on the controller - yes and no. The LED screen asks things like "Would you like to burn a disc?" or "Would you like to copy to the hard drive?". Navigation is simply a matter of answering Yes or No. The top drive is a DVD reader, and the other eight are Pioneer A06 drives. Similar to the Apple SuperDrive, the A06 is the next model up, capable of both recording both DVD-R and DVD+R discs, plus CDs. It will record DVD-R discs at 4x speed, but the DVD+R discs go slower at 2.4x. There is a 40GB hard included, so you can copy disc images to the hard drive for future use.


The DSR Tower is a bit of a one- (OK two-) trick pony. It duplicates CDs or DVDs. It does it in the simplest way possibly, not even requiring a Mac. So if that is something you need, then it's a great solution. The price tag of £1,730 is reasonable, and other configurations are available with more or fewer drives, so there should be something to suit most budgets.

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