QDOS Smoothies NightLife iPhone 5 case

This slim, lightweight iPhone 5 case from QDOS is studded with rhinestones to evoke a night sky. And it's a lot nicer than that sounds.

Three of our least-favourite terms to hear about an iPhone case are ‘bling’, ‘fabulous’ and ‘eye-catching rhinestones’, but this slim, light model from QDOS is actually surprisingly tasteful. The stones on the black back (it’s also available in dark blue and a white that we’d steer clear of) evoke a clear, wintry night’s sky rather than The Only Way Is Essex, and the overall effect is quite Christmassy. It provides a little protection, adds little weight, and gives easy access to all of the ports, switches and cameras.

QDOS Smoothies NightLife iPhone 5 case


The QDOS Smoothies NightLife iPhone 5 cases are pleasingly wintry and slimline, although the 'bling' look may not be for everyone, even in this understated form.

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