Best Apple Deals 2020

Apple might not traditionally offer huge discounts on its own products, but we've scoured the web for the best deals on Apple products from all vendors. You'll find great deals on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Macs and MacBooks and more. 

Amazon, Argos, Currys and other big retailers offer sales events at various points throughout the year, and with our indispensable guide you can snap up lots of Apple tech at bargain prices. Grab these deals quickly though - they'll sell out fast!

Best Apple Deals

iPhone Deals

Apple iPhone SE (2020, with 2GB data)

From: EE

Now: £210 upfront, £17 per month (£618 TCO)

This remains a solid deal on Apple's 4.7in handset, but it's gone up since September. We'd be inclined to hold on and see if it drops again, but it all depends on how urgently you need a new phone.

Apple iPhone SE (3GB RAM, 64GB)

From: Amazon

Was: £419

Now: £409 (£10 off)

Apple's stellar affordable offering for 2020, the updated iPhone SE comes with a hint of a discount, making the choice between it and the capable Pixel 4a all the more challenging.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 with unlimited data

From: Mobile Phones Direct

Now: £42 per month (Free AirPods & 1 free year of Apple TV+)

Mobile Phones Direct's current bundle deals offer the brand new iPhone SE (2020) with unlimited data (on Vodafone, 10Mbps max speed) and no upfront cost. To sweeten the deal, it's throwing in a pair of AirPods and a free year's access to Apple TV+.

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iPad Deals

Apple iPad 10.2in (2020, 32GB, cellular)

From: Amazon

Was: £459

Now: £433.75 (£25.25 off)

The latest 10.2in iPad gets a notable performance upgrade over its predecessor and retains Apple Pencil support too. Despite only just hitting the market, this 4G-capable model boasts the biggest discount of the entire range, with an impressive £25 off on Amazon already.

Apple iPad Air (2019, WiFi, 256GB)

From: Very

Was: £788

Now: £629 (£60 off)

Out the gate, you can save £60 on the latest iPad Air but is also offering discounts on related accessory bundles too.

Apple iPad Pro 11in (2018, 64GB, cellular)

From: Amazon

Was: £769

Now: £730 (£39 off)

Amazon has a good deal on the 11in iPad Pro 64GB storage. Other models in this range also have similar discounts, but this is the cheapest.

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MacBook Deals

Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 2.4GHz quad-core 512GB (2019)

From: Currys PC World

Was: £1,999

Now: £1349.97 (£649 off)

This is a great discount off 2019's top-of-the-range 13in MacBook Pro. It's got a 2.4GHz 8th-generation quad-core processor and a generous 512GB SSD.

Apple MacBook Air, 1.1GHz quad-core, 512GB (2020)

From: Currys/PC World

Was: £1,299

Now: £1,185 (£114 off)

This is the 2020 quad-core MacBook Air with 512GB storage. You can get it from Currys/PC World or there is a similar deal over at and Amazon.

Apple 13in MacBook Air, 1.1GHz dual-core, 256GB (2020)

From: Amazon

Was: £999

Now: £949 (£50 off)

This is the 2020 entry-level MacBook Air, which costs £999 at Apple. Amazon has a decent discount as does KRCS, although right now Amazon will save you a few more pennies.

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iMac Deals

Apple 21.5in iMac, 3.6GHz quad-core, 4K Retina Display (2019) with 256GB SSD

From: KRCS

Was: £1,299

Now: £1,234.06 (£64.94 off)

It might only be a small discount - and even smaller if you compare it to the £1,249 that this iMac was selling for before the 'update' in August, but the fact that you get a better SSD for less than the old model (which was hampered by the hard drive) makes this a decent deal.

Apple 27in iMac, 3.8GHz eight-core, 10th-gen, 512GB SSD (2020)

From: KRCS

Was: £2,299

Now: £2,184.05 (£114.95 off)

KRCS has already knocked £114 off the price of the top-of-the-range 3.8GHz 8-core 10th-gen, 2020 iMac which only launched in August 2020.

Apple 27in iMac, 3.3GHz six-core, 10th-gen, 256GB SSD (2020)

From: KRCS

Was: £1,999

Now: £1,899.05 (£99.95 off)

KRCS has knocked almost £100 off the price of the new mid-range 27in iMac for 2020.

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Apple Watch Deals

Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm, refurbished)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £379

Now: £289 (£90 off)

At under £290, this is the cheapest we've seen the now-discontinued Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm). It might not be officially available to buy brand new, but it's a great buy at such a competitive price. It's a refurb, but it's an Apple-standard refurb so it's unlikely that you'll be able to tell. 

Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm)

From: John Lewis

Was: £199

Now: £195 (£4 off, up to £120 off with trade-in)

It may not be the biggest discount with £4 off the Apple Watch Series 3, but it's worth pointing out that John Lewis provides a two-year warranty opposed to the one-year warranty you'll get directly from Apple. Plus, you can also get up to £120 when you trade in your old Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ (44mm, cellular, refurbished)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

Was: £479

Now: £359 (£120 off)

You can grab yourself a sweet deal on a refurb of the larger 44mm variant of Apple Watch Series 4 right now. It's the Nike+ edition too, with a cool matching sports band and Nike+ watchfaces available too. 

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Best Apple deals 2020

We've searched high and low to find the best iPhone deals, iPad deals, Mac and MacBook deals, AirPod deals and Apple Watch deals. If you're looking for a great discount on an Apple product in the UK, look no further.

We're always looking out for deals, offers and discounts on gifts for our friends and family, and maybe the odd treat for ourselves. Amazon, Argos, Currys and so many other popular retailers have sales events on and off throughout the year. 

Apple deals 2020: Best places to find Apple deals

There are plenty of places you can look for Apple deals. The first is Amazon, which offers new deals every day.

TIP: Missing out on Amazon Lightning Deals? Sign up to Amazon's 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime to get early access to deals 30 minutes ahead of everyone else, and you'll also get free next-day delivery, access to Prime Video and more. Sign up here.

Next is eBay, which has many outlet stores from huge retailers, including Argos, with discounted Apple kit that comes from a reliable source.

Better yet, though, right here on Macworld we have all of the best Apple deals from across the web in one place. Bookmark this page for the best Apple deals updated daily.

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