MacBook Deals

MacBook deals are available at Macworld today, but could expire soon, so be quick and buy yours today.

You'll find all three of Apple's MacBooks discounted here, whether available refurbished from Apple itself, or discounted by a third-party reseller. That includes the 12in MacBook, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

Best Apple MacBook Deals

12in MacBook Deals

6% off all Macs at KRCS


Now Up to £745 off (6% off)

Right now you can get 6% off all Mac computers from KRCS, including iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini and Mac Pro devices.

Apple Refurbished Mac Store (Discounted iMacs, MacBooks and more)

From Apple

Now Up to £300 off

You can get a Mac from Apple at much lower prices if you buy from the Refurbished Store. Apple will have thoroughly tested the model and will offer you a full warranty so it can be a great way to get a good deal. Find out more about Refurbished Macs here.

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MacBook Air Deals

Apple MacBook Air, 1.1GHz quad-core, 512GB (2020)

From Amazon

Was £1,299

Now £1,187.99 (£111.01 off)

There's money to be saved on the 2020 quad-core MacBook Air over at Amazon.

We've seen this model for sale for even less though - at one point it was £1,152.67 (although it quickly went out of stock at that price). This is still a pretty good deal though.

Apple MacBook Air, 1.1GHz quad-core, 512GB (2020)


Was £1,299

Now £1,169.10 (£130 off)

KRCS has a decent saving on the price of the quad-core version of the 2020 MacBook Air.

Apple MacBook Air, 1.1GHz dual-core, 256GB (2020) [KRCS]


Was £999

Now £899.10 (£99.9 off)

You can get money off the 2020 MacBook Air from KRCS. This is a great saving on a machine that only launched on 16 March 2020.

Stock is out at time of writing, but you can place an order now to secure your machine when new stock is available.

Amazon also has a deal on this model, but right now it's not as good. You can check it out here.

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MacBook Pro Deals

Apple 16in MacBook Pro, 2.3GHz, 8-core i9 1TB (2019)

From Amazon

Was £2,799

Now £2,497 (£302 off)

You can save money on the ultimate 2019 16in MacBook Pro. This deal means that you can get what would normally be the top of the range 16in MacBook Pro for only slightly more than the entry-level version (which is normally £2,399).

John Lewis had an even better deal on this model - with £650 off here - but that's now sold out.

KRCS Mac sale


Now 10% off all Macs

From now until Sunday 8 December, KRCS is slashing 10% from the price of every Mac. That includes brand-new models (such as the 16in MacBook Pro) and custom configurations. Read more here: 10% off any Mac at KRCS.

Apple 16in MacBook Pro, 2.6GHz, 6-core, 512GB (2019)

From Amazon

Was £2,399

Now £2,149 (£250 off)

Amazon is offering a great discount on the new 2019 16in MacBook Pro.

Amazon isn't the only one offering this discount - Currys, John Lewis and Very have the same deal right now!

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MacBook Accessory Deals

Apple Student Discount

From Apple (via Student Beans)

Now Up to 10% off Mac

This student discount offer also gets you up to 5% off the iPad and up to 20% off Apple Care.

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MacBook Deals

MacBooks are simply the best laptops you can buy, offering stunning performance and truly great design. Apple is unlikely to discount MacBooks, but we are sure that other Mac resellers will want to get in on the action, and we will bring you those deals first. If you want to score a great deal on a MacBook, here's what to look out for. 

MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

There are three major divisions in the MacBook world. The 12-inch MacBook, the MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air. These further divide in terms of display size, components and storage capacity. All are powerful, all are portable. But, basically, the MacBook Pro is the top-of-the-range power PC, the Air is the thinnest and lightest, and the remaining plain old 'MacBook' sits somewhere in between.

MacBooks all run Apple's MacOS software, which is stable and easy to use (although somewhat different to Windows). You can get all the major programs you use in Windows and run them on your MacBook, or indeed even install Windows should you desire. There is nothing wrong with buying an older generation or refurbished MacBook, as all Apple computers are well built and run well. But you should consider what connectivity ports you need, and whether you will need to update your third-party software.

We'll be scouring the web for great MacBook deals.

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