One of the criticisms levelled at Adobe Flash Player has been its lack of compatibility with 64-bit browsers. Fire up Internet Explorer 64-bit, for example, and you’ll be unable to access YouTube content, or indeed any other Flash-based content – until now.

This preview version of Adobe Flash Player – codenamed “Square” – introduces a dedicated 64-bit plugin for Mac, Windows and Linux users to sit alongside the existing 32-bit version (also available as a preview version). Because it’s still in beta you may encounter glitches and problems with it, although the core functionality should work okay. You should also notice some performance improvements – the 64-bit version makes less use of your computer’s processor and aims to take advantage of hardware graphics acceleration where it can (available in Mac OS X and IE9 Beta for Windows users).

After downloading the installer file, make sure you remove any existing Flash Player installations first. Once done, close your browser and install the software. Note that this preview version has no automatic update facility – you’ll need to manually check yourself.

Note, this version is for all 32-bit  browsers (except Internet Explorer). Should you wish to remove this version to return to a stable release, you'll need to download an uninstaller utility: Windows users should click here, while Mac users should click here. Linux users must delete the binary file in the plugins folder of your browser.


Worth installing if you’re running a 64-bit browser and want Flash support, even at the risk of instability. 32-bit users are better off waiting for the final release.