MP3 files are the format of choice for the majority of music listeners these days, but there are countless other audio formats available. If you would like to ensure that all of your audio files are in the same format, All2MP3 is the tool for you.

Using a simple drag and drop interface, a huge range of audio and video formats can be quickly converted into MP3 files - that's really all there is too it. There is no complicated configuration to worry about, files are simply converted for you.

The program can also be used to extract the audio track from a video files - just drag a video onto the program window and the sound will be saved as a separate MP3 file.

There is no shortage of program that have been designed to convert audio files from one format to another, but quick and easy conversion to MP3 is what most people are looking for. All2MP3 provides you with this option completely free of charge.


Fast, configuration-free audio and video conversion from a free tool - what more could you want?