Audacity is an audio recording and editing tool which standard apart from the competition by offering a selecting of powerful editing tools in an instantly accessible interface which, unlike some similar programs, is not intimidating in the slightest. Editing can be carried out on existing audio files, but it is also possible to record sounds directly into the program to start from scratch.

The program can be used to work with up to 16 tracks of audio simultaneously, and existing tracks can be overdubbed to create a multi-track effect. Projects you are working on can be saved as projects so they can be returned to at a later date, or exported into a variety of popular formats including OGG, WAV and MP3 (after the installation of a free plugin).

Audacity features and unlimited level of undo which makes it ideal for trying out a number of different ideas safe in the knowledge that changes can be reversed if necessary. There are a range of effects available, many of which are ideal for improving the sound of tracks recorded from cassette or vinyl. Support for LADSPA plug-ins means that Audacity is endless extendable, but even as a program its own right, it includes all of the tools you need to get started with audio editing.


A surprisingly power audio editing tool which will fulfil the needs of all but the most demanding of users.