The internet has developed into being much more than just an information resource and it is now one of the primary means of entertainment for countless people around the world. There are a huge number of web sites that can be used to watch streaming video, online TV station and much more, but it can be awkward to watch on your computer.

Using Boxee, you can connect your computer to your television to transform it into a media entertainment centre. The remote control friendly interface can be used to access online video and streaming content, online radio and music, and much more.

You can also use Boxee to control the media you have stored on your hard drive so you can use your television to watch your own videos, play your own music and access your photos. The program will build up a database of your media library and supply you with artwork, disc cover, subtitles and any information that may be relevant.

With support for a wide range of codecs and the option to share information about how you are using the program with friends, Boxee is the social media center that your television has been crying out for.


Hook your laptop or computer up to your television and you can use the larger screen to experience your own media and a wealth of online content - all completely free of charge.