Cofeshow is a simple tool for converting still images into animated HD video slideshows.

Launch the program and it offers you a choice of fifteen templates, which mostly define the background for your slideshow. With themes like "Birthday Party", "Denim" and "Magic Tree" these are very much aimed at the home user, but there's also a neutral "Black" template which could work for any purpose.

Choose a template and Cofeshow begins to walk you through the process of creating your slideshow. You can add a soundtrack, individual images or an entire folder, maybe include a "Text Scene", a caption between photos, then drag and drop to order them as required.

This is all presented in a very simple way, more like an app than a regular Windows desktop application. There are no menus, no right-click options, no complex dialog boxes or anything else: just the absolute core slideshow basics.

The big omission here is you're not able to set the length of time a slide will be displayed, either globally or individually (it's around 3-4 seconds). You can't display captions over an image, and there's no way to match the slideshow to the length of the soundtrack.

The free version also adds a watermark to your video, unfortunately.

But Cofeshow can generate a very impressive final product, as your images smoothly slide into view, rotate, fade in and out, all in a gorgeous full HD (1920x1080) or HD (1280x720) 30fps MP4.


Cofeshow has very few features, and the inability to set even a global slide duration will be a major problem for some. But the end results can look great, so if your needs are simple - and you don't mind the watermark, or are happy to pay to upgrade - then it might be interesting.