As a digital photographer, it is very easy to generate a huge number of images that quickly become difficult to manage. When hundreds and thousands of files are involved, it is no longer enough to simply place files in folders and hope that you will be able to find them when they are needed. Corel AfterShot Pro is an advanced photo management tool that enables you to import your entire photo collection and provides you with the tools you need to keep things organized and perform the editing needed to create perfect photos.

There is great scope for the filtering of image. Each photo you import into the catalog can be rated using a star system, flagged, and tagged with all of the keywords you need. Images can also be filtered by the camera with which they were taken, the settings that were in use at the time and much more. If you’ve found that there is a lens that has been causing your problems, there is built in support for lens correction for a wide range of makes and models.

Corel AfterShot Pro allows for an intuitive workflow that is as flexible as you need it to be. You can work with images stored in any location regardless of whether they have been imported into a catalog and there are wealth of non-destructive image editing tools available to you. Familiar tool such as heal and clone, customizable selection tool, and powerful multi-version editing, leave you free to experiment with your work with the risk of losing the original images.

If there are any complaints about Corel AfterShot Pro, it is that the interface is a little on the cluttered side. With even just the Standard pane visible, complete with its Basic Adjustments section, the sheer number of sliders and menu on show is staggering. There are then a further five tabs with even more check boxes and sliders and while this indicates just how many options are available to you, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed – and this is something that the dark look of the interface does not necessarily help with.

The price tag and Pro label firmly indicate that this is a piece of software that has been designed with professionals and keen photographers in mind – it’s not really a tool for the casual snapper. It is great to see that the program is available not only for Windows and Mac, but also Linux, and this cross-platform support is going to be welcomed by anyone working in a multi-system environment, and it opens up an extra level of flexibility that is simply not available in other comparable tools.


A serious alternative to Lightroom, Corel has produced a powerful photo editing and management tool.