Jajuk is a powerful tool for organising, managing and playing your digital music.

Open the program, point it at your music folder and the contents are quickly imported and indexed. The developer claims Jajuk's efficient database "allows a fast startup even for very large collections", and it was certainly fast on our test PC.

Jajuk first displays your collection in a conventional "tracks table", sortable by name, artist, album, genre and length. Double-click anything to play it, and a tabbed Suggestions page provides other views on your collection and the current track (Preferred, Newest, Rarely Listen, Other Albums, Similar Artists).

A toolbar on the left helps display and analyse your files, tracks, albums, playlists and more. An Information pane links to the current artist's Wikipedia page, there's a lyric finder, web radio and more.

And of course you also get smart tools for creating playlists, managing files, locating and downloading album covers, retagging your collection, finding duplicates and more (although that's not quite as impressive as it sounds, because while some of these worked just fine, others wouldn't launch at all).


Jajuk's core organiser and player works well, and is easy to use. The more advanced features didn't always function as we expected, though, and we weren't sure why. Try it, but be prepared to spend some time on setup and troubleshooting.