With many of us working remotely, the need for voice chat and teleconferencing services is increasing. Sadly this can lead to several drawbacks in terms of speed of the connection, quality of conversation and one of the major issues is background noise. How often do you hear the other persons car engine or traffic, or how is it that your dog knows that's the perfect time to bark, or your yard guy knows its the perfect time to start the lawnmower or leaf blower? 

This is exactly why Krip was created. Using neural network AI it assesses what your voice is like and recognizes your speech and starts blocking out any other noise which may be interfering with your call.

The app installs itself on your system (and currently Mac OS only, but coming to Windows soon) and will mask itself as two new input and output devices which process the sound captured by your microphone and removes the background noise. Using machine learning, the system starts to understand the human voice, making this an audio priority, and cutting out the rest of the background noise. 

As Krisp sits on top of your operating system, it does not discriminate between conferencing apps, so you can easily use this on Skype, Slack, Webex, and join.me. You name it and you will be able to use it. Further in the future, in addition to a Windows app, Krisp is planning to launch a gaming specific app, which is ideal, given the increase in team e-sports and the need for clear communication. 

What's new in 0.6.8 (see the updates page for more)?

- Significantly less CPU usage for SPEAK mode in certain cases.
- Removed Ctrl+Cmd+B shortcut. New sub-menu for reporting problems.
- Number of bug fixes including memory leaks and crashes.


Great app, and intuitive, we're looking forward to it being available for Windows. soon.