If you want to capture some audio from your Mac it may be difficult to know just which app you should turn to. With the arrival of Piezo your search just may be over. Rather than overwhelming you with an endless array of complicated options, this is an audio recording app that keeps things simple and gets the job done.

Piezo is nicely designed to mimic the look of an old-fashioned cassette player, complete with analogue ticker, and it is wonderfully easy to use. A drop down menu enables you to choose what you would like to use as your audio source. This not only means that you can choose between recording sound from an attached microphone, or opt to capture audio from any app you have running.

This latter option is great if you want to record streaming audio as you need simply select to use your web browser as the source, start the playback and then record. This is not quite ‘one click recording’ but it is pretty close and for the price, the software represents excellent value for money, even if it is something you do not use all that often.



A great little audio recording app that makes things as easy as possible and comes at a great price.