PopKey for Desktop is a simple tool for finding, saving and sharing animated GIFs.

The app-like interface keeps options and controls to a minimum. Left-clicking PopKey's system tray icon displays a panel of "Trending" GIFs. You can browse the collection by "Featured" categories, or run keyword searches, and spinning the mouse wheel scrolls through the animations.

Find a GIF you like and you can copy its URL to the clipboard with a left-click. There are right-click options to save the image locally, or copy the link as Markdown, like ![popkey](http://www....=.gif)

Another click opens a browser window at the PopKey site, displaying your chosen animation, where you're able to share it on Twitter, Facebook and more.


Install PopKey for Desktop and its vast collection of animations are only a click or two away. Okay, the program doesn't do much more than the website - actually, it does a little less - but it's fun, easy to use, and there's no adware, registration or other hassles to get in your way.