Many people make use of iTunes to listen to music while they work or surf the internet. If you have fastidiously configured a series of perfect playlists, you may find that you never need to skip tracks, but most people will find that they are constantly switching from the application they are using to iTunes.

This is something Synergy can help you to avoid, making it possible to control iTunes whatever application you may be working in. You can also keep track of what is currently playing, thanks to the semi-transparent floating window that is always available.

Simple menu bar buttons are used to control iTunes playback, but you also have the option of configuring hotkeys. Synergy is able to do much more than just make it easier to control iTunes, however.

The application also enables you to scrobble and download cover art from the Amazon database. Custom scripts can be used to perform actions when certain event occur - such as changing tracks - and Growl notifications are also available to keep you informed about what is going on.


A simple yet extensible means of controlling your music without the need to switch to iTunes.