TuneUp is an iTunes companion tool that will quickly organise, clean up and generally tidy even the largest and most cluttered of iTunes libraries.

Whether you've mislabelled tracks ("Unknown artist" or "track 01"), metadata that's incorrect or missing entirely, it's all very easy to fix. Just drag and drop your songs onto the program, and TuneUp will take an acoustic fingerprint of each one, check this against a database of more than 90 million tracks, and retrieve and set the correct metadata.

A Cover Art option will similarly identify tracks that are missing album art, then search multiple web sources to locate the appropriate artwork for you. This is a little less precise, but TuneUp can display up to four of the best matches, and once you decide which is best, will embed the cover art within your files.

If you accidentally make the wrong choice at some point, and save incorrect metadata, then an Undo option will restore your files original settings.

And bonus tools include Concerts, which automatically alerts you to local concerts based on artists in your music collection.

Please note, the TuneUp trial is limited to cleaning up 100 songs and saving the cover art for a maximum of 50 tracks. If you need more then upgrade to the Gold Edition for unlimited album tweaks.


We had some technical troubles with TuneUp - it locked up a couple of times for no apparent reason - but when it works it's undoubtedly an easy way to clean your iTunes library