When it comes to converting and editing videos on Mac, there are many options available, but there’s only one that offers GPU acceleration to speed up the process: VideoProc. VideoProc aims to be the one-stop-shop for video editing, offering a simple to use, feature-packed app for Mac users that overshadows the competition in just about every way.

You see, there are four pillars to VideoProc - Editing, Converting, Downloading and Recording – that allow it to cater to a range of uses, from basic video editing to advanced video processing and much more. The software allows you to trim, merge and convert videos to make them compatible with a variety of platforms and operating systems, with users able to browse from a range of presets including YouTube, PlayStation, iOS and Android. No more file compatibility issues! You’ve even got the option of upscaling 1080p footage to 4K for use on 4K TVs, and vice-versa.

Impressive video compression capabilities

VideoProc also prides itself on its video compression; it uses interframe and intraframe coding algorithms combined with advanced entropy encoding to compress your video, offering as much as a 90 percent reduction in video size without any noticeable degradation in quality. That’s ideal for 4K videos that can easily go into the gigabytes of storage, especially if you’re looking to create a backup of your most cherished memories caught on video.

The below video showcases a handful of the advanced features available with VideoProc.

A suite of advanced video features

It’s much more than conversion software though; the app features a toolbox of features that let you fix issues and enhance the look of your video. You can correct the lens distortion caused by fisheye lenses, stabilize shaky video, flip and rotate and even turn part of your video into a GIF ready for sharing on social media. It’s the perfect companion for pro video editors, offering speedy file conversion and advanced functionality that largely performs better than what’s on offer from the likes of Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.

With over 370 video formats to choose from, conversion speed is crucial, and that’s why VideoProc’s GPU acceleration matters so much. Most apps use the CPU for intensive tasks like converting 4K video, but VideoProc utilizes the built-in GPU to dramatically improve render times – up to 47x faster – making it possible for use on both older machines and relatively low-powered laptops as well as high-end, powerful Macs. Digiarty is committed to achieving the most efficient video processing operation in the market, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it got even faster over time.

VideoProc takes care of downloads too

The software can also be used to download videos and music from over 1000 websites, perfect for long flights or holidays, and the screen recording functionality is great for recording gameplay and how-to videos for YouTube. You’ve even got the option of utilizing your webcam and recording picture-in-picture if you want to inject a bit of personality into the videos you’re recording.



VideoProc really is the one-stop-shop for just about anything video-related on Mac, and it’s an essential tool for your video editing toolbox.