Storing files online is a great way to ensure that they can be accessed from almost any computer, and there are various services available that provide online storage space for this purpose. is one such online storage facility and SmartDrive is a utility that can be used to synchronise files on your computer with those stored online. This is ideal for backing up data automatically, but it also simplifies the process of making files available on more than one computer. The program can be installed on more than one machine and any files that have been selected will be automatically synchronised whenever an internet connection is available.

The tool also allows for offline access to files. Documents can be edited in offline mode and as soon as you are connected to the internet, any changes will be synchronised with your online account along with any other computers that have the software installed. SmartDrive acts in very much the same way as a standard hard drive so it can be accessed from within normal applications meaning that there are no new special working methods to learn.

The sharing of files is also made much easier by using SmartDrive. Individual files or entire folders can be sent to or shared with others with just a few clicks of the mouse. This is an innovative tools which blurs the lines between working on and offline, helping to make life easier in the process.

You receive 10GB of storage, for free. If you need more, you can update to a Premium account.

Note the downloads here are for the 64-bit version of Windows (Mac version is 32/64-bit compatible).


A great tool which backs up your files and synchronises them with multiple computers