One of the easiest ways to ensure that you always have a backup of your most valuable documents is to synchronise the contents of one folder with another. This means that rather than having to manually create a backup or copy updated versions of files to a backup folder, the whole process can be taken care of for you.

SyncTwoFolders, as the name would suggest, makes it easy to keep the contents of two folders in sync. You can opt to ignore certain file types if you do not need to keep all of the files in a particular folder synchronised, and you can use naming conventions to automatically deleted certain files.

To ensure that folders have been correctly configured, it is a good idea to run SyncTwoFolders in simulation mode so you can be certain that important files are not going to be deleted, but once this has been done you can leave the program to do its work.

Backing up data can be an arduous task, but using synchronisation eliminates most of the hard work. SyncTwoFolders makes it easy to pair up two folders and keep the contents of each in sync.


A free and effective file synchronisation tool that works well as a backup utility.