RocketCake is a basic WYSIWYG design tool for building responsive websites.

Clicking File > New leads to early disappointment, as you realise the program only has only a handful of templates, each with only a single page, and designs that look about 10 years old.

Still, if you've the time and patience to start from scratch, there's support for a wide range of page components: text, images (floating, slideshows, galleries), video (YouTube, HTML5), audio, Flash applets, web forms, buttons, menus and more.

Setting these up works mostly as you'd expect. Select an object in the toolbar, drag and drop it on the page, then tweak its properties: text, images, colours, URLs, whatever they might be.

This isn't as easy as it could be. Choose to add a menu, for instance, and there's no graphical wizard to walk you through the process, display previews of menu styles or anything else. You're left to play around with the properties and figure it out for yourself.

It only took us a few minutes to understand how the process worked, though. You're able to preview the results in a local browser at any time, or publish your site to a local drive, or FTP server, when you're finished.

RocketCake also comes in a Professional version (39 Euros) which adds support for custom CSS/ HTML/ PHP/ JavaScript, user-defined breakpoints and premium support.

v.1.5 (Changelog):

Simple image reloading

There is now a new command for reloading all the used images from disk. Use the menu File -> Reload all images for this.

Built-in Password protection

You can now easily password protect your webpages by adding the "password protection" element onto your page. You can add an unlimited amount of users and passwords for those. There is also a new tutorial showing how to use this new feature.

Improved HTML Code Generation

Generated HTML Code now looks much nicer structured at several places.

New free Templates

Added a lot of new free website templates: For restaurants, hotels, consultants, and more.     

Better slide show

The slide show element now is a lot more flexible and easier to use. It has a new default image adjusting mode: 'Cover'. It adjusts the scale of the shown image always according to width or height automatically, so that no gap is shown. That way, you don't need any breakpoints for your slideshow to make them look good on very small screens, they will always look nicely.
In order to make it adjust to the aspect ratio of the image, you can also use the 'auto' property for its height.

Lots of other, smaller improvements

It is now possible to quickly move the cursor in the text between words by holding down control while pressing the cursor keys
It is now possible to copy and paste website pages using the clipboard
Most templates now also have sub pages and are easier to customize.
The editor now only asks for confirmation when you close it when there are unsaved changes.
The heading number can now be adjusted in the property window for heading elements
Fixed a bug causing heading numbers not to be set correctly when copying and pasting


RocketCake desperately needs more and better templates, and the core designer is quite basic. But it does support a reasonable set of page components, and if you're willing to invest some time in designing a site from scratch, the program could be useful.