For small to medium sized businesses, as well as freelancers and self-employed people, sending out invoices to clients is an essential part of ensuing the money keep rolling in. But it's also something of a chore, as is keeping track of which invoices are still outstanding, tracking jobs, monitoring projects and logging time. It could easily take up as much time as you spend on the main thrust of the job.

Moon Invoice was created to make life a bit easier. Available for macOS, Windows and mobile platforms the app provides you with an easy way to crate invoices and much more. You can use the app to manage your contacts – split into customers and vendors to make life easier – and these feed into other parts of the app. So when you're creating an invoice, you can just select a client from a menu and all of your correspondence with that contact can be sorted and filtered as required. Invoices can be sent from within the app itself, saving the hassle of separately attaching invoices to emails.

You can easily see a list of outstanding invoices and perform searches for specific invoices when you need to, and there is also the option of sending estimates from Moon Invoice. The app can also be used to receive payments, and you can send out receipts to clients after they have paid. For project that involve billing by the hour, there is a time tracking component that lets you record precisely how long you have been working on something so you can bill accordingly. The app also offers details reporting options which is great for end of year reviews, or performing analysis of which clients are generating the most income for you.

There are numerous professional templates for you to chose from, all of which can be customised to suit your needs. No matter where you are in the world, the app can be tailored accordingly – so you can configure all of the appropriated taxes and have final figures automatically calculated for you. If you are in the position of managing multiple business or companies, Moon Invoice is still suitable for you -- you just need to get on the right plan.

And there are a lot of plans to choose from – to the point of being slightly overwhelming at first glance! You can pay on a monthly, yearly, two yearly or three yearly basis and there are various options available depending on the number of active clients you have and the number of businesses you need support for, and the number of people who will be using the app. Best of all, you can try out the app free of charge to see if it suits your need.

The software developers are also open to suggestions. If you find there is something missing or something that needs changing, you are invited to get in touch and the team will not only look into things for you and aim to push important changes out for free, but also give you a timeline and price for features that you might want adding more quickly.


Moon Invoice is perfect for small businesses and self-employed individual looking to keep on top of the financial side of their operations without breaking the bank. The number of plans that are available mean the software is suitable for operations of varying sizes, and offers scalable scope for growth.