Super Mario 64 HD is an unofficial remake of Super Mario 64's 1st level, Bob-Omb Battlefield.

It's changed, but only a little, as the developer explains: "Everything is just as you remember, except some really minor stuff that nobody cared about like red coins or the Wing Cap or the Big Bob-omb. Replacing them are crowd pleasers like giant springs and coin blocks."

We would normally be concerned that this kind of project would be packed with ads, or install a pile of system-level graphics or audio components - but no.The Windows download is a reasonable 28MB, it doesn't grab anything else, and there's no installation required (just unzip and go). It's been produced as a demo project for "Super Character Controller", a game development tool, so there's no end user marketing, either, no toolbars or other junk.

On launch a Configuration dialog displays plenty of screen resolution and graphics quality options (you can also play it in a window).

The program uses keyboard controls by default, but these are fully configurable, and there's also gamepad support (the developer reports successful testing with the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and DualShock 3 and 4).


A fast and smooth recreation of an arcade classic.