We all want our kids to use their computer, but we don’t want it to distract from their homework. Problem is that our kids need to use their computer to get their homework complete, which is a catch-22. You could use some parental controls to stop them using the computer within certain hours, but then this means they can’t use their computer at all.

Another solution would be to use a tool designed to stop or prevent you from going to certain websites, starting particular distracting applications and leaving you to concentrate on the task in hand.

Concentrate is a Mac-only application that’s designed to exactly that. It will enable you to prevent you from opening certain apps, going to various websites, but allowing you to open the apps and files required to complete your work. You can even set Concentrate to stop you doing these intrusive tasks for a certain period of time, such as giving yourself an hour to get some work done and stop you heading to Facebook to see if you have a reply to a message.

It’s a good idea, but has a key problem - adults should be able to stop themselves opening certain applications or visiting sites. If this was designed to stop your kids doing stuff on their computer, and also stopping them from overriding the application, it would be ideal. Concentrate is designed to hide apps you don’t want, whilst keeping only the stuff you need to get a task completed.


Simple tool that enables you to hide and prevent sites and apps from distracting you when you work