Selling products isn’t easy. There are so many websites, competitors and, if you want to sell on eBay, similar items. Making yourself stand out from the crowd is one solution as first impressions count. If a potential customer thinks you’ve made an effort with your store, they will take your company more seriously. This is why it’s often wise to make sure you get your website right, from the start.

The same concept applies to online stores such as eBay. If you want to sell more than one item, putting them online individually, will take ages. If you have to design each page, for each item, you’ll spend so long producing your eBay items, any profit you make will be negligible. There are solutions to make your eBay items look a lot more professional and one of these solutions is iSale.

iSale is a Mac-only application that’s been around for a while. It will enable you to choose a theme for eBay item, then simply insert the relevant information such as the price, description and postage options. Once you have your eBay items online, available for sale, iSale doesn’t stop there. It’s also a professional auction manager that enables you to quickly see how many bids have been placed on your items, which auctions are due to end soon and enables you to make quick changes to your auctions, without having to login to eBay through your browser.

iSale is particularly idea for power sellers who either have an eBay store or sell many items through the auction site. There is also a version available for the iPhone that enables you to do basic preparation for your eBay items and also monitor your sales.


Superb Mac-only application that has twice been an Apple design winner and there's a good reason why: it enables you to create well-designed eBay auctions that help you stand out from the crowd