It's very easy to build up a huge library of DVDs these days, particularly if you're often found scouring the bargain bins for forgotten classics and yesterday's big releases. Over time, that library can become difficult to manage, especially if you're a kind, generous soul who's happy to lend your discs to others.

Keeping track of the discs in your library – plus who's currently got them – would be an onerous task by hand, which is where Media Library Lite comes in. This handy freebie makes it incredibly easy to first build your collection using the details provided on Amazon (six local sites are supported by the program: US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Japan, and you can switch between them at your leisure).

Just scan in the barcode using your webcam or type in your search terms, browse the list of results, confirm the disc is yours and click Add. All pertinent details – including a thumbnail of the DVD cover – are downloaded into your database, and if your disc isn't covered, you can add it manually.

Existing entries can be edited, filtered, searched, rated and marked as being lent out, allowing you to keep track of who's got what. Your entire database can be exported in PDF format too, perfect for showing a friend what's in your library without them being able to get their mitts on it. 


Nice, neat and clever tool for cataloguing DVDs and Blu-rays.