Music notation software is notoriously difficult to use and often incredibly expensive. Tablatures for Mac OS X is a bass and guitar tablature program that can be used to create and edit tablature and is compatible with the popular PowerTab.

You have the option of starting from scratch with your tablature or importing existing files from the likes of PowerTab and GuitarPro. For tracks that require alternative tunings, there are a number of presets built into the program and a reminder of the tuning that should be used is displayed at the top of the notation.

The tabs you create can be exported in MIDI format and during playback you can follow the tab on screen to make it easier to learn tracks. Providing you know a little about music notation, Tablature is incredibly easy to get started with. The time signature and key can be easily adjusted and you have access to the full range of notation symbols to ensure perfect playback.

A chord dictionary is on hand for use as a reference guide but also to make it possible to quickly add a chord guide to the top of your notation. When transcribing a notation you can add as many guitars as you need and each can be assigned different MIDI playback settings to allow for realistic renditions of your creations.

Tablatures is an Universal Application, and it runs natively both on PPC and Intel based Macs.


Versatile tablature program that includes everything you need to start writing notation and creates files that can be easily shared with non-Mac users