Ordinarily, footballing widows would be looking forward to the end of the football season and the chance to spend some more quality time with their partners, but the World Cup in South Africa will put an end to that. With terrestrial broadcasts in HD now available through Freeview, it's sure to capture the imagination of most footballing fans, leaving their better halves kicking their heels for another six weeks this summer.

Excely.com has got involved by designing this attractive (yet functional) spreadsheet, enabling you to keep track of each game quickly and easily from the comfort of your computer. It's in Excel 97-2003 format, so should work with most spreadsheet applications, including Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.

The spreadsheet lists all the group stage games along kick-off dates and times (which are customisable to your time zone), enabling you to plan your schedule around the football. Fill in the scores as each game is played and you'll see the group tables update automatically, enabling you to quickly see how each group is progressing. You can also fill in scores speculatively to see how they might affect the final outcome in each group.

As each group stage is finished, you'll see the tables change colour and the first knock-out stage will be automatically populated with the correct teams. This continues all the way to the final itself - all you need to do is input the scores, and the spreadsheet updates automatically, ensuring you don't need to stay sober in order to keep track of what's going on.


A zero-effort way to keep up with the scores at this year's World Cup.