A huge proportion of people with access to the internet have a Facebook account, and considering the vast numbers of users the site has, it is a source of disappointment for many that so little customisation is possible. This is something that Better Facebook, as the name might suggest, aims to rectify, making it possible to change and customise dozens of settings with a browser plugin.

Better Facebook is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Greasemonkey - the extension is not an option for Internet Explorer users - and can be used to take control of your news feed using tabs to group together posts and filters to automatically sort the content you would like to see and that which you would prefer to keep hidden.

You have the option of automatically hiding posts you have already read, enlarging thumbnail images when you hover over them, and highlighting new comments to make them easier to see. Navigation is made easier thank to the fact that your favourite pages can be linked in panels to the side of the page and the left column and page header can be locked in place.

There are so many options and features, it is difficult to cover all of them, but options such as alerts when you are unfriended by someone, the ability to view details of your friends' account activity and a character count in posts are all things you will quickly find indispensible. Support for themes and CSS skins also means that the look of your Facebook profile can be completely changed to suit your tastes.


Better Facebook brings an unprecedented level of control and customisation to the popular social network, and fully lives up to its name.