Camino is a free browser for OS X that is based on Mozilla’s Gecko engine. Version 2.1 is a fairly major upgrade to a browser that already boasted an impressive feature set, and see Camino developing into a piece of software that bites at the heels of Opera and Chrome. As with any browser, you will spend a great deal of time working with the address bar, and this has undergone an overhaul.

As you type into the address bar autocomplete suggestions are displayed and this now includes not only previously visited sites, but also bookmarks, and searches look in page titles as well as URLs. Anyone working with a smaller screened device, or just looking to declutter the interface can opt to hide the status bar, and there is now a new offline mode.

The browser includes not only popup blocking, but also malware and phishing filters to help to keep you safe online. As with any modern browser, tabbed browsing makes it easy to work with several web sites simultaneously, and there is a useful Tab Overview that enables you to view a preview of open tabs to help you to find the one you are looking for.

While this is an impressive enough browser, it does not really offer anything unique in terms of performance or features. Camino is a very capable app, but there is not necessarily enough to draw anyone away from the likes of Firefox, Opera or Safari.


A perfectly capable browser, but not special enough to stand out from the competition.