We're not sure about how you manage your Chrome tabs, but we often keep it really simple and remind ourselves by keeping open tabs in different browser windows, so we can quickly refer back to each one at a later date.

There's one advantage of this style of tab management. You could open similar tabs from a particular website, in one single browser window, then iconify to your OS X dock or Windows Taskbar. Problem is, this can become very messy, particularly if you want to find your synchronised tabs on your other devices - Chrome doesn't handle multiple windows very smoothly.

Cluster - Window & Tab Manager is an extension that enables you to group together your open tabs and then synchronise across displaying each available Chrome window and the tabs you have open.

Cluster goes even further with its window management. You can quickly suspend all the tabs within a particular window (saving system resources) or even export the URL from each tab to a CSV file, meaning you can then refer to those tabs at a later date without keeping them alive in Chrome.

The downside is, the sync part of Cluster requires a $9.80 licence fee. Without the paid licence, Cluster only enables you to manage your open tabs on the machine where they are located.


Excellent extension if you're someone who likes to keep a lot of browser windows and tabs open.