Cupcloud is a cloud application which allows you to save your open documents, files, folders and web pages, then reopen them later - on any PC or Mac.

You might be doing some research on a PC at work, for instance, with a host of web pages open, while you're transferring key details to Microsoft Word. But now it's time to go home. Just click "Cup" on the Cupcloud client, and it saves your current workspace to the cloud. Go home, launch your own computer, click "Uncup", and your workspace is restored: browser tabs open, Word opens (as long as it's installed, of course) with the same document, and you're ready to carry on exactly where you left off.

Cupcloud doesn't support many applications, but there are enough for it to be useful. So you can save and restore Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari; Word, Excel and Powerpoint; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat; Windows Explorer and Apple iWork. And the Cupcloud site tells us that more programs are "coming soon".

The service has some complications and hassles. You must create an account before you start; the free edition will have ads (although it doesn't just yet), and only allows the latest 30 cups to be restored. For unlimited "uncups", and extras, like the ability to share your cups with others (very useful for collaboration) you'll need to pay for the premium service, when it's available (as we write, it isn't).

For all this, Cupcloud worked well in our tests, and if you regularly use several of the supported applications then it could be worth a try.


It really needs to support more applications, but even now Cupcloud provides an easy way to save and restore your workspace on any PC or Mac